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UPPCL Admit Card JE/Stenographer 2018 – Download Call Letter at uppcl.net.in

UPPCL JE/ Stenographer Exam

Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited (UPPCL), has recently issued the notification about the UPPCL 2018 Re-exam date and UPPCL admit card 2018 for the post of Office Assistant Accounts, Junior Engineer (Electrical), Office Assistant Grade 3 and Stenographer Grade 3 Post. Earlier the examination for these posts were supposed to be conducted if February 2018 but due to some avoidable reasons department postponed the examination for the month of August. Now re-examination date has been announced by the officials for all the posts. The vacancy was issued in December 2017 under the advertisement no. 01/VSA/2017, 3/VSA/2017/ACCT-30, and 05/VSA/2017. The Re-exam will be conducted in Online Mode.

Admit Card Available 12th August 2018
Junior Engineer Electrical Exam27th August 2018
Office Assistant Grade 3 Exam28th August 2018
Stenograher Grade 3 exam28t August 2018

UPPCL JE/Stenographer Admit Card 2018

UPPCL will be conducting computer skill test & written examination for combined total post 2624 for office assistant and stenographer jobs. Candidates who submitted the application form before the last date can download the uppcl office assistant grade 3 admit card 2018. Selection of the candidates for uppcl vacancy will be based on the following test. Final selection of the candidates will be based on merit list.

Following Test
1Computer Skill Test
2Written Exam
3Typing Test
4Stenography Exam

UPPCL Exam Pattern and Procedure 2018

First step to get selected in UPPCL 2018 is to qualify the computer test which consist of 50 question carrying 50 marks. Although there will be negative marking but still candidates need to score 20 marks to get qualified. Marks obtained in this exam will not be calculated in merit list.

Second step is to appear in written test which will consist of 180 question carrying 180 marks. Subjects included in this test will be English, Hindi, Reasoning & Social Studies. For each wrong answers 0.25 marks will be deducted.

Third step will be Typing and Steno exam, only those candidates will appear who will qualify the written exams. Final selection will be made on typing and stenographer exam. For more information regarding these three steps keep checking UPPCL Stenographer Admit Card 2018.

PostsNo. of Vacancy
Air Force92
Naval Academy44
Junior Engineer713719140118-40
Office Assistant Accounts301606070121-40
Stenographer Grade 322711561470421-40
Office Assistant Grade 3229611506194824521-40
Total Vacancy2624131870555051

We have tried our best to deliver you the maximum details regarding UPPCL August Exam 2018, but still if any candidate needs any information ask directly in comment. Applicants who have applied can download uppcl admit card direct from the official website. Note: Admit card will not be sent to any candidates at home. Every one need to download it from the website. Along with admit card candidates need to carry their photo ID proof with them as id proof has become the mandatory document for appearing in an exam. Photo id can be anything like Voter id, Driving license, aadhaar card, pan card, passport, etc.

From ‘Taliban Khan’ to Imran Khan- ‘Wazir-e-Azam of Pakistan’

Nawaz Sharif- Imran Khan- Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

The fateful day of July, the 25th, 2018, which made the histories tilt in favour of the christened and famed cricketer, Imran Khan, emerging victorious in the National Assembly elections of Pakistan, will be a day that will find mention in the history of the contemporary world.

Not to forget, that Pakistan, has been that nation which has received flak on international forums for its bonhomie with anti-social elements, including those who ravage not only just India and Afghanistan but the world (Osama in an army camp in Abbottabad). The world has also echoed the need for Pakistan to work on its mismanaged agencies like ISI and military which hamper the civilian governments from running the administration. The force that the Right-wing fringe elements wield is also popularly known to the world, the military gave the people of Pakistan a wide array of options this time to chose from and vote for.


The Pakistan Army, since the decline of Gen. Parvez Musharraf’s regime, has been controlling the governments from behind the scenes, and Sharif’s open brigadier against the Army’s nepotism, saw him put behind the bars on the Panama Leaks, accusing him of siphoning off money. His daughter too, Maryam Sharif is in prison in Rawalpindi with him. The brother Shahbaz Sharif tried his best to bring the Army to their favour but the Army chose a different track instead because the executive was not in favour of the Sharifs.

The elections saw a host of Right Wing parties including Allah-O-Akbar Tehreek partronised by Haafiz Saeed,

Hafiz Saeed (top-left) at a polling booth.

contesting the elections. The military brought new parties in the Balochistan, Sindh and NWFP to contest on the anti-incumbency.


The Pakistani voters, where 60% of them are between the ages of 18-35, are neo-liberals believing in mild conservatism, and expecting reforms. They have no memories of the years under military rule and autocrats, but they recall the corrupt years under Zardari-Sharif parties. The only choice that they had was a new face, which was more promising in its approach.

The PPP and the PML(N) have just managed to retain their strongholds, while the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf of Imran Khan has made inroads into the territories. The wise in the electorate, have seen him as one who is conservative and is not pro-West in his approach, which made him the favourite even in the MQM stronghold- Karachi.

The Open support that Imran Khan had shown for Taliban, earned him the name of ‘Taliban Khan’ which even saw him arbiter-ring the deal between the Sharifs and the Taliban, but it failed when Taliban persecuted school children in Peshawar. Thus, he grew to become a face of the middle-class part modern, part conservatist people.

He propagated ‘Naya Pakistan’ which meant a greater deal to the young who witnessed their nation being branded as a Failed State or a Rogue Nation at international forums.

‘Naya Pakistan’

There are allegations that the military chased the polling agents of other parties while the counting had to commence under the Form-45, which is a memo of the polls polled at each booth, ensuring transparency, but the mandate cannot be denied because Imran Khan was the popular choice, through digital media and TV channels like BOL TV and GEO News that featured him round the clock.

The mandate today, also rejected all the hardliner-Islamist parties, altogether where they all are looking at getting their securities forfeited, which means the people did not want to pick up extremism at all, thus wiping off the Right-Wing in one election.

C)Imran’s Take on Issues

Though, his followers might reject that he married thrice, and his second wife revealed his anti-Islamic habits, including cocaine, moreover, his last marriage which was with a married woman, all took a back-foot when the electorate was looking at a guardian for the nation-state of Pakistan.

His critiques who have been following his activities declared him to be confused regarding national policies and political narratives, also saw him towing before the line narrated by the military, have not found any echo with the resented voters, who wanted change.

Imran talked about affordable housing, education for all and affordable health services for all. The take on health issues has received appreciation from observers from all corners from the delivery he had given in the province of Khyber-Pakhtunwa, which have also received appreciation from the WHO.

i) CHINA & CPEC- He openly challenged the CPEC, and later on clarified to the Chinese that what he wants is more inclusiveness in the CPEC, and transparency. He said he needs to build good relations with China, and has to keep trade intact with China.

ii) INDIA & KASHMIR- BALOCHISTAN- Having acknowledged India’s ‘thaanedaari’ like that in the case of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan, he said that he will not acknowledge anything of that sort for Pakistan. Though Indian mandarins have been in close touch with the managers of Imran, yet they found very little echo from the managers to the point where they could find Imran being the ‘Agent of India’ that he accused Nawaz Sharif of.

With the issues pertaining to Kashmir and Balochistan, he said both the issues can be settled through dialogue, and India  must stop accusing Pakistan of any kind of wrong-doing, and commence negotiations. He assured if India took a step in the right direction, he will take two.

Earlier he had been found to be advocating decrease in trade ties with India, but now he seems to be following the line laid down by the business elites, when he said that he needs to improve trade-ties with India.

iii) US & Afghanistan- He declared that Americans must stop blaming the small nations for their policy failures, and must Pakistan must improve ties with Afghanistan and support the Afghans for their rehabilitation, which will benefit Pakistan.


Though, there may be a plot as alleged by the opposition parties, and the leader must be indecisive, and may have heeded to the military, there is ample proof against all the parties in the fray for cheating the people of Pakistan, in terms of money, ideology or policies. The military has been trying to offer the people every possible choice, while it remains the guardian of the nation, yet this time, people voted for someone who had a clean image, and a definitive set of ideas to focus upon.

Imran Khan may be perceived as an agent of the Army, but he will be in a position to negotiate with the army more freely because of the blunt rejection the people of Pakistan offered to the Right Wing parties that espoused the causes of proxy war and terrorism.

There is a saying, politics divides, while economics unites, Imran has acknowledged both the factors and may be a good partner for India in the shaping up of regional growth.

Team IndianNewsTalks congratulates the people of Pakistan and Mr. Imran Khan for his victory, and would appreciate to live a day of enjoying the streets of Lahore, while people from across the border enjoy the  Imambara in Lucknow.


Mahagathbandhan Nahi Dukh Bhanjan

We have been witnessing a desperate political war since 2014, in every election. The BJP and Congress are trying to come to power in every election, whatever be the costs. Wherever there are regional parties, the contest is again the same, BJP and its allies versus the rest.

The experiment in Bihar which saw the very first attempts to unite the opposition failed. The fall outs of the failure had deep echoes, and today every attempt to unite the opposition would just remind people of the Janta years!!

The latest example has been the experiment in J&K where the BJP broke off its arrangement with the PDP and is now moving ahead to form the government with the PDP rebels, and Sajjad Lone.

The Karnataka again is a story of its own kind where the Congress managed to win handsomely, but tried to contest the elections on the plank of religious identities, which has dented its image. The opposition will not be able to address the concerns of the people if they don’t act well in time. They will have to make it up to the people.

In this article the author would want to put forward only five reasons as to why there is a need for all the opposition parties in India to unite under a single entity, with a clearly defined agenda, hierarchy, and would be even better if the portfolio sharing is also declared before the polls, so as to assure that talent and merit rules, not loyalty!

At this juncture, the electorate will find themselves in a confusing state of affairs, and ostensibly, there will be no clear winner except the BJP because the opposition has nothing credible to offer, despite evident failures of the BJP, the opposition may not be able to offer a good fight to  the complacent BJP, thus here is a strategy:

1. The Opposition Parties Must Accept Their Failures:

  • It is not unknown to the aware Indian that how during the Congress years, and then the rise of Regional Political Parties with narrow ideologies led to a social-disorientation;
  • There has been a lack of promptness on the part of political parties when they were in power; and
  • There have been an abuse of the reservation policy;
  • Rampant corruption; and
  • Minority Majoritarianism; and
  • Lack of economic growth.

There needs to be a single arrangement of priorities among all the political parties that are there to go against BJP. They need to realise that the voters need a change, and they will not be able to win unless they actually provide a detailed outlook to the voters that they have built a consensus among themselves to serve the people for the better future of India.

2. Put National Interest first Over Petty Politics:

It is something this author feels when he observes Rahul Gandhi, that how he tries to deal with all the burden that he is being heaped with for the miscalculations and errors of his ancestors.

Thus, today, all the regional leaders, must realise it, soon, that there will never be a day when one of them will rise to become a national phenomena, but if they unite with each other in harmony, to work for the betterment of the country, then there is a chance that they may be able to move somewhere.

No political party will be able to offer enduring and actual social changes unless they micro-manage the system of public administration with the zeal with which a new a born tries to learn new things.

The self-styled ideas of Political Leaders need to go somewhere, and rather than just looking power hungry, they must actually offer something that is more valuable and serves the nation in the longer run.

The idea is simple, to sow the right seeds in time so as to deliver the benefits upon our future generations, so that sons of the leaders today, don’t meet the fate of Rahul Gandhi.

3. BJP is Living in Complacence:

Though Amit Shah and Narendra Modi may be working over-time to keep themselves in power, the BJP machinery across states has just been like the erstwhile governments. There is again a complacent atmosphere in every government official, which is implementing the same corrupt system, without offering anything like the promises made in 2014.

The only difference that BJP has is, that it shows more than it does. It is no different from the other political parties that ruled before. Thus to actually offer something of a competition to the complacent BJP, the opposition must unite under a different set of ideas to counter the BJP.

In other words, the opposition parties will have to actually mobilise support through old school ways, and promote good will.

4. The Indian Economy is Now Chronically Capitalistic:

Narendra Modi no doubt inherited an economy which successfully walked during the recession years. There is no specific change in the lives of the ordinary Indian since 2014. The economy is now being run by the foreign players, who will actually drain all our wealth out to the foreign lands.

Instead of offering the foreign companies to invest in India, we should have offered Indian companies to start investing in India, and make platforms like there are in the US. The services sector, pharma and other industries that manufacture for exports, should have been given more impetus, and the growth must have been spatially well distributed to have a stable GDP and GNP, which is not the case, nor will it change now.

The banks are under the stress of NPAs and the “Real Estate is Hot” phase has gone out, which has actually affected the economy, by hampering wages, and specially in the informal sector. The dollar has been going up, and with the US-China trade wars getting hot, Indian industry will have to find ways to survive.

To promote actual growth we need an actual atmosphere, which offers a corruption free system, and assures both the employee and the employer the peace to prosper mutually.

The mid-sized businesses have failed and development projects have a different pace everywhere, to actually kick start the growth engine, we would need entrepreneur friendly atmosphere.

5. Regional Parties Will Never Appeal To The National Consciousness:

The Leaders in various states have a particularly myopic view of the country. Thus the only acceptable face to the entire country is Rahul Gandhi. People say that it is because of Narendra Modi that BJP is in power, no, it is because of the failures of the past governments that somebody from a humble background and a vision, rose to the post of the Prime Minister, through his appeal to the masses. Therefore, Beware-Beware Mamta Didi, and Maya Bua, Indians will never garland you as Prime Ministers, let us face it.

All political parties walking their own roads to become prime ministers will not win anything for anyone. Thus there has to be a pre-defined lay out as to who would take which portfolio. There will be no changes, and all the parties will have to identify their strongholds and concentrate on the bigger picture, which is India.

This article remains the first insight on the need to provide an alternative to the BJP. The attempts are to approach the national consciousness with a holistic view.


MPPSC Assistant Professor Admit card 2018 – Check Vacancy Details

MPPSC Assistant Professor Admit Card

MPPSC Assistant Professor Admit Card 2018 has been released on 24th May. Officially exam date for MPPSC asst. professor exam has been announced that is from 18th June to 02nd July 2018. This examination will be conducted for 2968 posts and candidates will be recruited as MPPSC assistant professor 2018. Candidates also need to know that they have to carry their photo id proof along with the admit card at the centers. Id proof can be aadhaar/voter id card or any valid id proof. Candidates submitted the online form on time can download the MPPSC assistant professor hall ticket from the official website mppsc.nic.in.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is abbreviated as MPPSC in short. This government body is responsible for conducting examination for assistant professor from 18th June to 02nd July. This examination will be offline objective type exam. Online application form was issued in the month of January this year and candidates successfully submitted application form can download the admit card from the official website as above said. No admit card will be sent to home. Admit card link is available on official website till exam date.

Examination Pattern for MPPSC Asst. Professor Recruitment: The objective type examination will be conducted for 3 hours (180 minutes). In which 200 questions will be asked consisting for 400 marks. Question paper will be in Hindi as well as English language. Candidates qualifying written test will be called for an interview that will also be for 50 marks. After the interview round there will be guest teacher bonus marks ad then at last the final list of the selected candidates will be out.

2968 MPPSC Asst. Professor Vacancy Details: The vacancy details for the assistant professor are as follows. The recruitment is for 3 different posts are like Assistant Professor Fresh, Assistant Professor Backlog and Assistant Professor (Ex Service Promotion).

2963 Posts, MPPSC Asst. Prof.GeneralOBCSCST
Assistant Professor Fresh616169192244
Assistant Professor Backlog039221447
Assistant Professor (Ex Service Promotion)29048467199

CBSE Class 12th Result 2018 Result Declared at cbse.nic.in

CBSE Class 12th Result 2018

According to CBSE i.e Central Board of Secondary Education class 12th result is declared now. This year 11.86 lakh registered themselves for the this all India secondary level class 12th exam which was conducted at 4,138 centers across India and 71 centers in abroad. This year class 12th economics paper was leaked so it was re conducted on April 25th however, class 10th mathematics paper was also leaked but officials did not conducted their re examinations and now CBSE 12th Result 2018 is out on official website. Out of total 11.86 lakh students appeared for an examination 6.90 lakh were were males and 4.90 lakh were females.

In 2017 registered candidates for cbse class 12th exams were 14.90 lakh out of which, 82.02% was the pass percentage result. Out of 88.02 pass percentage result 89% pass were boys and 86% pass were girls. The pass percentage for Delhi region id 85.45% which is higher than any state region. Last year it was 87% for the Delhi region. If we see last year stats then a girl Raksha Gopal from Amity International School, scored 99.6% as a topper of CBSE board class 12th. Second topper was from Chandigarh. Bhumi Sawant of DAV school from Chandigarh scored 99.40% and stood second position.

Percentage system of CBSE class 12th are as follows:




Marks range


CGPS- Points




91 to 100






81 to 90






71 to 80






61 to 70






51 to 60






41 to 50






31 to 40






21 to 30




Simple way to check CBSE class 12th 2018 Result:

First of all the result will be declared on cbse.nic.in that is official website of CBSE board. Enter your roll number, school number and submit. You will get your result.

Second way is DigiLocker, Many of you must be thinking what is Digi-locker? This year CBSE board will provide digital mark sheet of class 12th result 2018. Public can use UMANG mobile application for digi locker class 12th result 2018.

Third way is IVRS, that is the telephonic mark sheet. The IVRS telephone number 01124300699 of NIC will tell your result on call.