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Annihilating the Woman Abusers: Kathua, Unnao and Amethi

The Rapes in Unnao, Kathua and the Immolation

We have seen in a series how people have tried to abuse women on one pretext or the other. In the recent history, Visakha happened, that changed the outlook towards women at workplaces, then happened the heart lamenting Nirbhaya, which taught us that all the girls who go out with young gentlemen in the night are not to be branded as prostitutes. The Nirbhaya incident also made all of us think about the safety of the numerous lovely young ladies we know, and the government passed certain amendments that altered the age limit for trying the juveniles and changed the IPC as well. This did not happen to bring an overall end to the offences against women, but yes, the awareness about the issues and the reporting has led to a movement in support of the victims.

We as people, tend to blame the rise in the incidents of rape on the lack of effective policing, and ineptitude of our leaders, which are contributing factors but not the only cause of the same. Even some of the most deep psychological impressions that we are brought up with are the starting point of victimisation of women. The precedence of a male over the  females is the point of genesis which relays to the mind of the perpetrator that being born as a male, he has an inherent right to reprimand, manhandle, and offend a woman. We  often tend to attach the honour and pride of our social existence (identified by clan, community, caste and etc) with the chastity, and person of our sisters, daughters and mothers. While Indian women like PV Sindhu, Navjot Kaur, Mary Kom, Chanda Kochhar are promoting the brand India globally, the horrifying incidents like Kathua, Unnao and Amethi show the dark side of the Indian feminism and women empowerment.

The author happened to be asked by a German visitor once,  why is there hardly a woman Prophet or saint in the world. The answer simply lies in the presence of numerous checks, and barriers that our women have to pass through in this patriarchal society to establish themselves. Even today, what a man might achieve in a series of 5 effortless years, a woman may take more to do the same while trying to tackle the society at the same time. This is not just the trait of the eastern countries but even in the western countries we find these follies a prevalent.

Womanism is not to be described as a narrative of showing how equally competent a woman can be while doing the things that a man may do, but how competent a woman can be while dealing with the patriarchal nihilists who react in the name of clan, caste, creed, and community and what all not, while at the same time shouldering the responsibilities of the roles attached to women. It will be a bad world after all to live without the lovely women we live with, like our mothers, sisters, aunts, friends, and not to mention our spouses, while they are busy doing the man of the hour episodes.

The child who was raped in Kathua, and the people who came out in support of the incident citing sectarian views about the Bakerwals versus Hinduism, were no less than the Taliban extremists who slaughtered educated women in Afghanistan, just because women are not to be educated! It is another folly that these people were patronised by people in high offices like the President of the Jammu and Kashmir Bar association and the BJP MLAs, who happened to come out in full support of the incident and evangelized the atrocity by deploying the ‘Hinduism in danger’ jargon to the masses.

Again in Unnao,where an MLA was accused of raping a young lady, had found some support from the AG before the Allahabad High Court, which ordered the MLA to be taken into custody while rebuking the AG, the Yogi Adityanath led government acted in the right direction by  expelling the MLA concerned. With the CBI conducting an enquiry in the matter, things will come out soon.

Then comes Amethi, the constituency of our Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi, where over a family brawl pertaining to property, the brother-in-law/ uncle happened to immolate his elder brother’s wife and his daughter, just to show him how dangerous he is, and that his brother should refrain from offending him. Again the victims happened to be women who wouldn’t have offered much resistance to the perpetrator and neutralise his opponent instantly. What a poor show of human emotions!

The Mehbooba Mufti government in J&K took stern measures against the BJP MLAs who had supported the rape of the Bakerwal girl, and PM Modi declared that none of the offenders of the rape will go unpunished. There are several states like Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Bihar that have made rapes of minors punishable with death under the POSCO Act, while the rest are just living with status quo. Though the Supreme Court ordered the lawyers in J&K to refrain from any activities that may cause obstruction to the investigations being conducted by the police, the lawyers put the entire community of barristers to shame by siding with the accused. The Bar Council must initiate a probe and put to test all the lawyers involved in the outrageous act.

The change that we expect may be brought in place when we declare in strict terms that all those found guilty of rape shall be castrated( which is the norm in many Shariat Jurisdictions) or hanged till death, but the effects would be only deterring in nature. We must not forget that how our justice delivery system and police establishment functions.

Coming to the bigger picture the general psyche of the society has been the sole reason because of which many crimes against women have been perpetrated, and movies like Pink and Lipstick under my Burqa highlight the same. Even our leaders who are expected to be narrate the social discourse with a sense of responsibility and far-sightedness often tend to forget the above, and land up in stirring up the hornet’s nest by giving statements that are not conforming to the growth and development of the modern society. If we need to fight crimes against women, we will have to do a lot of groundwork, which will in time bear the fruits, while our leaders must also learn to do the right talk. The moral values, and culture will never be downgraded because women wear western dresses and behave like friends with men, and are not raped to show down upon some class of persons as the prestige of the people does not lies with the chastity of their daughters as seen through the lens of conservationists but with the safety and empowerment of the girls as seen through the bare eyes of a modernist.

Thus to annihilate the nihilist who draws his moral strength from the discourses of religion, caste, creed and community will have to be dealt with in a spirit that makes the nihilist think of their own daughters, sisters etc before they try to think of anything about any other woman.


Kasam apni janmabhumi ki, Haryana mein agli sarkar AAP ki banegi: Delhi CM Kejriwal


After being in news for his range of apologies in Defamation cases, Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal formally announced that his party would fight the 2019 assembly elections in Haryana.

Kejriwal added that AAP was ready to work for a Delhi-like miracle in Haryana. Making noise for his official political entry to Haryana in a well-attended rally in Hisar on Sunday, the Delhi CM said he wants a “new Haryana” in which old parties and leaders have no place. “Kasam apni janmabhumi ki, Haryana mein agli sarkar AAP ki banegi aur jo kaam koi bhi party nahin kar payee, vo Kejriwal karega Haryana mein (I am taking a pledge at my birthplace that the AAP would form next government in Haryana and Kejriwal would do what other parties have failed to deliver in their regimes),” the Delhi chief minister Kejriwal said in his 30-minute address. The Delhi CM offered to give an alternative to the people of Haryana who have given enough chances to other political parties in the last 50-odd years.

Demonstrating his achievements in the national capital to improve conditions of government schools and state-run hospitals, Kejriwal said he has thought of the same revolution in Haryana. Throwing an emotional card about his roots in Hisar, Kejriwal remembered names of the school and college where he had studied and the institution where his father used to work during their stay in Hisar. The Delhi chief minister also accused the Manohar Lal Khattar-led BJP government of troubling social fabric of Haryana by generating caste-based divisions and blamed the former Congress governments for corruption.

Kejriwal, in his aggressive “Haryana Bachao Rally”, said that he is hopeful his party would even break Delhi’s record by winning the highest number of assembly seats in Haryana in 2019 assembly polls.

Ajinkya Rahane to lead Rajasthan Royals as Steve Smith steps down from his captaincy


After confessing to ball-tampering during Australia’s loss to South Africa in the Cape Town Test, Steve Smith has stepped down from his rank as captain of Indian Premier League (IPL) franchise Rajasthan Royals. The Aussie skipper will be replaced by Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane as the Rajasthan Royal’s captain for the IPL 2018 season.

This happening has taken place after a couple of days, Smith and teammate, Cameron Bancroft sensationally confessed to having tempered the ball of the Third Test on Day 3 against South Africa. Whereas Australia lost the match by 322 runs, the Test itself was outshined by the shameful incident on Saturday, with Bancroft caught on cameras using sandpaper in an effort to shine the ball. Earlier to this, Rajasthan Royals had stated that it would wait for the instructions from the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) before deciding on Smith’s future as captain of the team. The IPL franchise, on the other hand, confirmed the change in a press release on Monday.

The franchise’s co-owner, Manoj Badale, said in a press release that “Rajasthan Royals will do everything possible to protect the values and the integrity of the game. We agree with Steve’s decision to step down as captain, and we are fortunate to have such a capable successor with Ajinkya Rahane. It is important that all cricket fans retain a balanced perspective on the situation. What happened in South Africa was clearly wrong, especially given that it appears to have been pre-meditated. That said, this will be a difficult time for Steve as well, given how much he cares about the game”. Rajasthan Royals’ first match will be in the side’s IPL 2018 opener against Sunrisers Hyderabad in Hyderabad on April 9.

Supreme Court to examine the validity of polygamy, nikah halala, ask for Centre’s response


On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to examine the constitutional validity of the dominant practices of polygamy and ‘nikah halala’ among Muslims and asked for responses from the Centre and the Law Commission.

A bench led by Chief Justice Dipak Misra reflected the submission that the past five-judge constitution bench had kept open the issue of polygamy and ‘nikah halala’ whereas defeating triple talaq in its 2017 verdict. The bench said today a new five-judge constitution bench would be set up to deal with the constitutionality of ‘nikah halala’ and polygamy, which also includes Justices A M Khanwilkar and D Y Chandrachud. The polygamy allows a Muslim man to have four wives whereas ‘nikah halala’ deals with the course in which a Muslim woman has to marry another person (mostly for a night) and get divorced from him before being allowed to marry her divorcee husband again.

A five-judge constitution bench had earlier held triple talaq as unconstitutional in its judgment delivered last year with a majority of 3:2. The bench, on the other hand, was hearing at least three petitions including some PILs confronting the practices on various grounds counting that they violate Right to Equality and gender practice.

Race 3: Salman Khan reveals whole cast combined poster, cautions ‘you don’t need enemies when you have a family’


After presenting every main character of the Race 3, including his own, Bollywood ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan revealed the new poster from the third installment of Race with the whole star cast of the action thriller embellishing the poster of it.

The 52-year-old actor has been giving the audience with posters of each and every character from the film for last one week. Khan posted the new poster of the entire star cast with a caption that mentioned, “Aur Yeh Hai the Race 3 family. Let the Race begin.” Earlier on Sunday, the Dabangg actor had revealed a poster of Anil Kapoor’s character from the film. “Shamsher: Bhaiji Humre boss . #Race3 #Race3ThisEid @AnilKapoor @SKFilmsOfficial @TipsOfficial,” Salman Khan tweeted. Earlier to this, Khan had introduced Jacqueline Fernandez, Daisy Shah, Bobby Deol, Saqib Salim, and Freddy Daruwala in the same way.

Shooting for the action sequences has already started in Abu Dhabi where the whole cast is seen getting ready for the Race. Race 3 also features Jacqueline, Anil, Bobby, Freddy, Saqib, and Daisy. Produced by Salman Khan and Ramesh Taurani under the banner of Tips Films, the third installment of famous franchise Race is helm by Remo D’Souza while the first two parts were directed by filmmaker duo Abbas-Mustan. Race 3 will hit theatres on Eid this year.

Escalation of Tensions: Trump and Kim Tete-a-tete

The future that world wats to see.

The Americans are living in the era when 15 years back they had a President who had the same motor-mouth credentials and sense of justice like the  one ruling today.

Yes, from the reign of George W. Bush to Donald Trump, the times have changed and  yet the equations seem to be building up just the same that led to the invasion of Iraq, and in the aftermath today the world realises the persistent threat of escalation of tensions in the middle-east which is remained the new world’s war zone for decades now.

The American establishment has seemingly not learned its lessons from the distinguished experience that shook the humanity and affected the human order. The effect, or rather the lesson that should have been learnt is not one that is a hard to learn but pretty evident.

The Americans calculated that the expedition in the Iraqi nation would only last for a bare 5 months or one year, but unfortunately, it has lasted for almost a complete decade. The Americans also assessed that the populous of Iraq qould overwhelmingly support the American liberators, while nothing of that sort happened, because the Americans deprived the Iraqis of their prosperity under the villainous dictator Saddam Hossein, who ensured free education and healthcare to his citizens, while now, the Iraqis just pray for a stable life.

The rise of ISIS, the escalation of tensions between the Arabs and the Iranis, and the persistent threat of Israelis and Arabs warring with each other, is the outcome of the American invasion.

Today, with Americans under Donald Trump nearing a trade war with the Chinese, aka the ‘manufacturing house of the world’, the global markets have already gone into a tizzy with the major selling catching pace, and crude prices rising by the night.

Such tensions, also give rise to a sectarian world, where the North Koreans backed by China, may offer a tough time to the Americans as the Chinese may not directly confront Americans. Thus, the observers and experts at Washington and Pyongyang may work overtime to gaze at the constructive outcomes of the possible tete-a-tete between Donald Trump and Kim-jong-Un, which has received a positive comment from the world leaders. The meeting will be held in May sometime.

Meanwhile, the Japanese, South Koreans, and the Taiwanese concerns also need to be considered as the Americans would be there representing not just themselves but the wide array of nations that form the Democratic alliance.

There may be reservations ahead of the meeting, but Donald Trump, will have to accept that if he uses his bashfulness, it may cost another prolonged war of sorts that will change the course of the future just the Americans pushed the rise of Islamists.

Keeping the fingers crossed and expecting a broader consultation with the world leaders prior to the meet, we hope that the leaders deal responsibly with the world this time.

Office of Parliamentary Secretaries: Office Profit or Loss

Reinstated AAP MLAs

Not that the AAP government realised its sin of lashing out at the entire opposition, the Delhi High Court granted a relief to the 20 legislators of the AAP, by returning them back to the house.

The legislators were disqualified during the tenure of the CEC AK Joti, on the grounds of holding offices of profit other than Legislators, as they were appointed as Parliamentary Secretaries to Ministers of the Delhi Government.

The AAP challenged the order appointing the MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries, as early as 2016. Thus, the High Court did not allow the act, thereby the Delhi Government amended the Delhi Members of Legislative Assembly (Removal of Disqualification) Act, 1997 to exempt parliamentary secretaries from the definition of “office of profit”, however the Delhi LG, reserved it for the assent of the President which it did not receive.

The action later on, was taken up by the Election Commission, and the proceedings were held in the nature of quasi-judicial proceedings. There is mandate in law, where the beleaguering parties must be given a fair trial by providing them an opportunity of being heard, and this applies with full vigour to the proceedings of the administrative.

Thus, the Kejriwal government suffered a setback, when its 20 MLAs were arbitrarily disqualified. The appointment of MLAs as Parliamentary Secretaries, is not new to Delhi. The issue gains traction because Parliamentary Secretaries are executive officers, while Legislators are a distinct cadre.

There has to be a separation of powers, but to reward the loyalists, the political parties in power, offer the posts to the MLAs , who cannot be accommodated in as Cabinet members. Thus, the posts, are used to give them powers and be able to exercise influence.

There is an anomaly in these posts, because such posts make them buffers between the Legislator and the Executive, and they loose their accountability, also they’re unable to deliver as legislators.

The action has never resulted in a mass disqualification elsewhere in India, while Delhi remains the first of such states. The incident also saw a response from the Election Commission being filed at the last minute, which was again read against the EC.

The EC also did not accord the legislators a fair hearing, thus there may be a vendetta on the part of the EC which is again the executive, which has been at loggerheads with the AAP government since a long now.

The debate today has been reverted back to the EC, to find out why the Parliamentary Secretaries shall not be exempted, though there exists very strong reasons in favour of such action, the outcomes will come down heavily on several states, including the BJP ruled states which also appoint the loyalists to such posts.

The office of Parliamentary Secretaries is primarily to be held by IAS officers, but the Legislative mischief makes it one for Legislators too.

The AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal recently apologised to the opposition leaders, including Arun Jaitley and Amit Sibal, and got  his leaders released, is a pun intended remark, though, the thought isn’t ill found.

The AAP government, a government of commoners has made every bit of effort to make the lives of people in Delhi better, ranging from electricity, water, healthcare to education.

Thus, the common man, Kejriwal deserves all kinds of negative publicity, and this one included.