International students Increased By 85%:

United States the big power of world is also known as a big education hub in all over the world. Many students origin from the different countries go there for their further education. Countries like India, China Saudi Arabia, Nepal has so many students who have gone to U.S. for their further studies. In this year U.S. registered 85% growth on international students studying at US colleges and universities than were reported a decade ago. The number of international students enrolled in U.S. higher education sector increased by 7.1 per cent to cross one million in 2015-16. This means that 69,000 more students have enrolled than the previous year at colleges and universities across the United States. In the present, the count of international students is 1,043,839, representing just over five percent of the more than 20 million students enrolled in U.S. higher education, up from around four percent in previous years.

In  the year of 2015-2016, there were more than 1 million international students in the U.S. pursuing undergraduate as well as graduate degrees, non-degree studies, such as intensive English programs, and practical training, per the 2016 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange, a yearly survey from the Institute of International Education in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This is an rise of 7.1 percent from the previous year. Over the last decade, the overall number of international students in the U.S. has grown nearly 85 percent. Despite that growth, international students only make up around 5 percent of all higher education students in the U.S.

With the reference of last year, the largest growth was in the number of Students of India, mainly at the graduate level and in optional practical training (OPT). China still the top sending country, with almost twice the number of students in the US as India, but India’s rate of growth and absolute increases outpaced China’s. The top three countries of origin – China, India, and Saudi Arabia – now represent approximately 53 percent of the total enrollment of international students in the United States.

The main countries for sending students in U.S. are China, India, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Iran, United Kingdom, Nepal, Nigeria, Kuwait, France, Indonesia, Venezuela, Malaysia, Colombia, and Spain. In all of these countries India, China and Saudi Arabia are main countries in sending students in U.S. for education.

This is very good news for U.S. as well as these countries students. This will make the students future and they will get a better chance of career.


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