Newly elected US President Donald Trump has been focusing on bringing the interests of Americans further than any other country. In his “Thank You Rally” at Milwaukee in Wisconsin Donald Trump said, “his administration will follow 2 simple rules for retaining personal interests. We will focus on buying American manufactured products and would hire American professionals for jobs.”

This was his first rally after a big win at US election polls, where he defeated Ex-President Barack Obama. It is believed that Donald Trump is not happy with the results or outcomes exhibited by previous presidents and he pledges to out forward “American Interest” to other nations. He has also stated that the deeds or treaties signed by previous presidents have kept the interests of other nations ahead than America. And he will do everything to keep America ahead of others.

According to him, the treaties are absolutely disgraceful because it made other countries benefit more than United States. Donald Trump stated that he is also concerned about the welfare of other nations. But, for him, America comes first than anything else. So, in US Thank You Tour 2016, Donald Trump is seen urging Americans to follow these rules and add to the economy of the nation further.

In his tour, he also brought to notice that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) led to the loss of over 70000 factories. And this loss has affected the economy also. Along with this, he also threw light on the fact that United States is running USD 800 billion annual trade deficit. To bridge the trade gap, these rules of buying American products and hiring American officials will contribute to a large extent. In his rally, Donald Trump did his best to win the confidence of US residents.


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