This is a new initiative taken by Gujarat government for colleges that they have to make their own social media profiles. This is a new step on the way to make country develop and aware about new technologies. It will help students and colleges both in a very good fashion.
the education institutes of Gujarat has been directed by the state government that education institutes through the state to open social media accounts and link them with the state government’s education department. The government has asked the colleges in the state and institutes of states to have a responsible person who knows how to operate these accounts as in charge. The colleges have been asked to recognize the person who would be answerable if any controversial material is posted through these accounts. The accounts were a part of the digital India project of the central government. The education department already had an account Gujarat department of education. The page should be used to address the students about the activities of the department.

The education department has also asked the institutes and colleges to verify that the students trail the page and keep themselves updated. The government has stated that the new circular and all other notification will be posted on these social media. The State education department of Gujarat already has a page up on social media. And, after the making of these pages, all of them will be used to inform and educate the students about the department and the government.

They want to make all of students and colleges on a same page. It is a very good initiative taken by the government so that the students will be much updated with the college and Gujarat educational board. The colleges has been instructed that they will have to update circulars and other notifications on their respective social media profiles, which will be followed by the department of education. The main objective aims to connect all the students and educational institutions at one platform. It is a step by which the state education department will also be aware with all colleges at same time and they will be to know that all the colleges are doing and following the instruction given by education board.

So we have to consider it as a very great decision taken by the government for the betterment of students. It will help them to connect with the college without presenting in the college.


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