Forbes Listing PM Modi as 9th Most Powerful Person

A magazine that holds global reputation, Forbes has listed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the 9th most powerful person in the world. It has been a proud moment for Indians that a Prime Minister has been a part of world’s top 10 powerful people. Previously in 2014, Narendra Modi was positioned at number 14 that inked the spark within Congress tents. The list of influential politicians in the world was released by Forbes on November 5, 2016 and it took the world by storm. The Forbes said that Modi understands the need of Indians and goes beyond performing his duties. He is a minister that does not believe in just shaking hands; rather, he knows the tactics to deal with more than 1.2 billion people in India.

The list has been topped by Russian President Vladmir Putin; followed by Donald Trump on second position, Angela Merkel of Germany holding third seat, Xi Jinping of China stands on the fourth position, Pope Francis from Roman Catholic Church at fifth position, Janet Yellen of US at sixth stair, Bill Gates on the seventh platform, Larry Page of Alphabet on eighth position, Narendra Modi at ninth slot and Mark Zuckerburg of Facebook Fame on the tenth level. As per the latest list of Forbes released now, Russian President proudly holds the first position for the fourth consecutive year. Holding position in the Forbes List reflects not the status of the individuals; rather, the position is allotted on the base of work done by them and the followers or believers of their policies.

On getting ranked in the Prestigious Forbes List, Narendra Modi thanked and promised to work extensively towards benefitting Indians. The Forbes also said that Modi has added to the GDP growth tremendously in the very first year of his elected position. Only other Indians forming a part of Forbes most influential people are Mukesh Ambani of Reliance Industries at 35th position, Lakshmi Mittal of Mittal Steel at 55th spot and Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella at 61st position. With Indian Prime Minister on the list of Top 10 Most Powerful People in the world says it all about his capabilities in leading a country towards developmental age.


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