On 8th November Prime minister declared demonetization of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 notes this announcement left away people panic stricken. PM Modi Ji’s decision pulled people into dilemma of what to do with the old currency? Well, solution for that was also introduced by Hon’ble Prime Minister but it hardly worked. I mean The scheme worked but it only affected the common people…. Isn’t it? Common people are struggling in the long queue to exchange or deposit the old currency but the Black Money holders and Politicians are getting their money exchanged from the BACK DOOR.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s big step against white washing Black money and corruption went to backdrop when Finance minister Arun Jaitley announced that “there will be no tax on Party Fund”. Did he wanted to say that there is no tax on the black money parties use for their election campaigns? Why this decision is taken where common man is facing trouble and politicians are freely getting money? Was the scheme of demonetization formed for common man only? There are people who were adding money for their wards education or daughter’s marriage and have deposited more than 2.5 lakhs in their bank accounts they have to pay tax for that.

In hardship, everything takes a bad turn and it is evident with the present situation in India. Who have worked hard to earn have to pay tax for that but there is no tax scheme for the party funds. The step of demonetization was taken for the betterment of the citizens of India and to wash away black money and fake currency from the country. Can anyone tell what advantage India will get with this declaration? Well, Mr. Jaitley can better answer that !


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