Manmohan Singh Helped Vijay Mallya To Get Loan: BJP

Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday 30 Jan 2017  blamed Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for giving support to the business tycoon Vijay Mallya to get loans and to bail out kingfisher Airlines. this allegation was made by citing letter that have been reported in media. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, in a press conference, “In Manmohan Singh insistence Kingfisher Airlines  was given a bail out package. Not only EX-Prime Minister’s insistence was given  to this company, but the income tax department also soft on Mallya and his unfrozen Accounts.”

Referring to Mallya he asked various questions like how  loan of nine thousand  Crore was given to him?? Despite of poor rating of Kingfisher Airlines, and also their account were not running in proper order. BJP spokesperson asked Congress head Sonia Gandhi and her son who is  deputy, Rahul Gandhi, to explain with whom support the defaulting company got loans. BUT Sambit patra also alleged questioned  Was sinking party Congress  helping sinking airline Kingfisher.”

As  blaming P Chidambaram and former prime minister, patra said, we are now able to see the hands which pulled the strings And helped Mallya by ensuring the situations through which  Mallya received loans “

In  the letters, Mallya said he was very “relieved” and “pleased”,  while referring to developments in the interim, according to Patra. In a letter it is also revealed  about Manmohan Singh as he told,” we have to find ways to get Kingfisher out of trouble.”patra said, statement comes after one such letter Mallya had written to Manmohan  on November 14, 2011, BJP Spokesperson, Patra.said that We have certain proofs  that will expose these helping hands. Repeatedly   the kind indulgence of the then prime minister was sought by Mallya.

Kingfisher owner Mallya went to Britain in March last year. Indian agencies have made several attempts to bring back this  business tycoon to India back, who faces many warrants in courts. Mallya said he is living in “forced exile”.

A top prime minister’s official had spoken to ministries concerned following his letter to Manmohan  singh and Mallya had mentioned it, he said. Patra presented another letter the about absconding liquor baron allegedly wrote to Chidambaram in March 2013, seeking his intervention to get NOC from the SBI, which headed the consortium of banks which had given unrecovered loans to the airline, and its subsidiaries as his liquor company was in talks with Diageo for a deal.

Asked about Mallya’s defence, Patra said country will never accept if they will listen to defaulters and he will not be listened he has to come back if wanted to be heard.

New Police Commissioner Of Delhi Takes Charge: Amulya Patnaik

The home ministry announced on Monday Amulya Patnaik has appointed as the next commissioner of Delhi. He is an Arunachal Pradesh Goa Mizoram and Union Territory AGMUT cadre IPS officer from 1985 batch. He succeeded Alok verma. Who has made CBI Chief But he doesn’t taken the charge yet as director of CBI Sources said the decision on his appointment was taken on January 23 per the report if he is not transferred anywhere on any other post than he will serve the country for next three years. He was serving a special commissioner post which is considered next to commissioner post in manner of its seniority in Delhi Police.

Amulya Patnaik is native from Odisha. He was among one of the top runners  with other two senior officers Deepak Mishra and Dharmendra Kumar. Out of them patnaik is chosen as the next commissioner due to his clean image, although Dharmendra Kumar and Deepak Mishra both of them are a batch senior then Patnaik. Both of them are 1984 batch IPS officers. And currently Deepak Mishra is Additional General Director at Central Reserve Police Force and Dharmendra Kumar is Additional director General at Central Industrial Security Force.

He was selected for this post for his career highlights. Patnaik has handled various critical cases in Delhi and as  heading the Crime branch and southern Range as joint Commissioner. He is known for his adaptability of handling cases in his way, one of the major  highlights of his carrier as he led the police during Anti-Dunkel protest in 1994 in which he get some serious injuries. He also solved the kidnapping case of a school boy by a gangster in Sarita Vihar within 12 hour.

Mr. Patnaik carrier is also credited as the IG, SPG of special protection group for managing and planning the security of Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee in 2003, had undertaken the lone train journey by Prime Minister. In 1995, Patnaik launched a Special Delhi Programme PRATIDHI to extend counseling and assistance to victims of traumatic crimes and this programme is successfully working till date. One of the current case this year handled by Mr. Amulya Patnaik is “Brutal Najafgarh stabbing incident ” in which a girl was stabbed many times by her own stalker and bring back the focus on crime against Women.

His career was also rewarded for launching Anti-Obscene Call Cell and the Anti-Stalking Cell. Patnaik very well handled central, East South districts of Delhi and mainly focused on preventive planning in various heinous crimes. He also served as SSP, who manage law and order, in Pondicherry and in the sensitive North Eastern state of Mizoram. Besides all his contribution he is also recipient of President’s police medal for distinguished service.

ATM's Will Be Like Before: No Withdrawal Limit From 1st Feb 2017

Yesterday, the Reserve bank of India declared eliminating of limitations on every day withdrawal of money from ATMs and from current accounts but the weekly limit of Rs 24000 on savings bank accounts will prolong. The reserve bank of India has also assured to analysis the weekly limit in the near future depending on the velocity of remonetisation.

According to Reserve bank of India,’ On a review of the pace of remonetization, it has been decided to partially restore status quo anti, and cash withdrawal limit from ATMs stands withdrawn from 1st February’ 2017’. RBI has un-involved all limits on cash withdrawals from current accounts, cash credits and overdraft accounts with an instant outcome. Banks, on the other hand, have been solicited to fix their own limits as has been the case before 8th November 2016 i.e. the day government fragmented high denomination currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000.

RBI alleged that ‘the limits on saving bank accounts will continue to the present and are under consideration for withdrawal in the near future.’ It also alleged that ‘urged to persuade their constituents to maintain the movement towards digitization of payments and switching over to payments from cash mode to non-cash mode’.

Reserve Bank of India and government has obligated limits regarding the withdrawal of money from ATMs and bank branches after recognizing the currency shortage subsequent to demonetisation and these limits nevertheless, were progressively eased with RBI impelling in new notes of Rs 500 and Rs 2000. The step will come as liberation for the minor traders who had an Rs one lakh per week limit till now. Earlier to this on 16th January Reserve bank of India had more than doubled the day by day ATM withdrawal. It had moved up the weekly withdrawal limit from current accounts to Rs one lakh from Rs 50000.

Yesterday the reserve bank Of India has declared that it will be withdrawing the limits on current bank accounts but it does not offer any comfort to savings bank accounts which majority of the populace in the country acquires. So, now there will be new limits India will be having as on 1st February 2017. Up to 24000 Rs can be withdrawn in a single transaction from ATM counters based on cash availability.  Now ATM charges will be subtracted from accounts of all customers who do more than five transactions in a month and this new change has come from 1st January 2017.

All the banks comprising State Bank of India has started ATM transaction fees on all transactions which exceed five every month. Withdrawal limit of current accounts in India has been detached with instant effect from 1st February 2017 and withdrawal limit is not applicable to all online transactions comprising Paytm, credit card and debit card transfers.

Income Tax Action On Benami Properties: 42 Premises Attached

The IT department yesterday alleged that it has issued 87 notices and attached bank deposits worth crores in 42 cases all over the country under the newly imposed Benami Transactions act commencing rigorous action adjacent to black money holders post note ban. After 8th November demonetisation budge, the IT department had warned public advertisements and citizens against dumping their unaccounted old currency in somebody else’s bank account. They alleged that such an act would assault criminal charges pertinent together on a movable and immovable property.

With demonetisation coerce done a grimed and several raids by authorities leading to spasms of thousands of crores in illegal wealth the IT department has commenced a new crackdown and this time it is on Benami properties. The department also declared that bank deposits valued crores have been impounded under the newly enforced Benami Transactions Act which magnetizes a heavy penalty and precise jail term.

According to officials’ After in-depth investigations, the IT department has issued 87 notices under section 24 and said, a total number of 42 properties largely monies worth crores in bank accounts and an immovable property of benamidars has been attached’. The conclusion they said, to spank the rigorous provisions of the Benami transaction Act was taken after observing serious cases where the illegalities were unconcealed and assumed cash was deposited either in Benami accounts or Jan Dhan or inactive accounts.

Officials said that the taxman has issued several summonses under the Benami Transaction Act and is in the progression of issuing more. The taxman had begun a worldwide operation to observe suspect bank accounts where huge cash deposits have been made post 8th November. The Benami Act offers that the Benamidar, the beneficial owner and any added person who supports or tempts the Benami transaction shall be liable to be punished with precise imprisonment for a period of one to seven years.

As per the officials, ‘ the Benami amount in the bank account deposited post demonetisation will be seized and confiscated and the accused will also be liable to fine which extends up to 25 percent of the fair market value of that Benami property’. Officials also told that ‘ Such an arrangements where the person deposits old currency of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 in the bank account of another person with an indulgent that the account holder shall return his money in fresh currency,  the transaction shall be the Benami transaction under the said Act’.

The new odious is meant to the pact with those who have chosen to invest unaccounted for funds in other assets as an alternative to keeping it in cash and in the process refute the government its dues in form of taxes. Mr. Modi has assaulted Congress for the failure of its government to enclose rules to implement the Benami Transactions Act alleging that the collapse to impose the law showed its lack of authenticity in attempting corruption.

Army Generated Whats App Number For Soldiers To Connect With Bipin Rawat

The Army has arranged a WhatsApp number for its soldiers to place their predicament directly to Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat as a replacement of going to social media openly. This step comes subsequent to a series of videos posted online by personnel from the army, IAF and central police force concerning numerous conditions that they work beneath.

Officials alleged that there is an obtainable system of accusation redressal inside the army which is punctual. The official said ‘ But in a case, a soldier has worn out all grievance redressal forums and is still not happy, he may contact the Army’s Chief’s office through the new number’. The new number to register is +91 9643300008.

However several in an army are concerned about this step as they articulate that it will be unfeasible to keep out any unnecessary messages that can come on Whatsapp. In view of the fact that it is a universal number, it will not be just the 1.3 million powerful army personnel who can send messages to the number but also everybody in the world. Also, there will be no verification on what type of video, text or link will be delivered to the number.

With an objective to dissuade soldiers from taking to social media to air their grumbles, newly appointed Army Chief Mr. Rawat also warned of disciplinary action against those who are redistributing complaints online instead of utilizing official channels of redressal. Addressing at the Army day Parade at Delhi Mr. Rawat alleged that’ a few of our friends has taken to social media to speak about their complaints. This affects the soldiers deployed at the borders. You can be held guilty of doing crime for what you have done and invite punishments’. So, he decided to set up Whats App complaint number for the troops.

Get Enough Sleep Otherwise You May Damage Your Immune System

The recent study recommends that not receiving adequate sleep may dispirit your immune system, which clarifies why several people get sick when they are sleep destitute. According to lead author Nathaniel Watson from the University of Washington in the US,’ what we show is that the immune system functions best when it gets sufficient sleep. Seven or more hours of sleep is recommended for optimal health’.

Examiners took blood samples from eleven pairs of identical twins with diverse sleep molds and exposed that twin with shorter sleep span had an unhappy immune system, contrasted with his or her siblings. An exclusive trait of this study was to utilize alike twins in order to organize for the large genetic determinant to humans slumber interval. Experts say genetics account for 31 to 55 percent of sleep extent and behavior and also environment account for the aide memoir.

An assortment of obtainable data shows that restraining sleep for an imperfect time in the laboratory surroundings can mount provocative markers and set in motion immune cells a per the wordings of Sina Gharib from the university of Washington. Not much is known regarding the possessions of long-lasting short sleep extent under natural conditions. The study engaged actual world circumstances and illustrated for the first time that chronic short sleep shuts down programs implicated in the immune response of circulating white blood cells.

Mr. Watson alleged that ‘this study offer further evidence of sleep to overall health and well-being particularly to immune health’.  According to researchers ‘Modern society, with its control of light, omnipresent technology and countless competing interests for a time, along with the Zeitgeist de-emphasizing sleep’s importance has resulted in the widespread prioritization of sleep’.The experts said that over the prior century people in the US are quiescent a probable 1.5 to two hours less and about one-third of functioning residents sleeps less than six hours each night.

The connection between lack of sleep and our immune system is very crucial as it has been connected to a list of physical and mental health problems comprising those that stem from a weakened immune system.  In very simple words we can say that sleep denial stifles immune system function.

Akhilesh Yadav And Rahul Gandhi May Alliance For Election 2017

At the official beginning of the Samajwadi party and Congress united campaign here yesterday, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi alleged there was a prospect that they would keep their alliance going for 2019 Lok Sabha polls also. Akhilesh let Rahul lead the show merely striding into utter that UP results would set the tone in national politics, adding together that he was certain that the alliance would win over 300 seats. Mutually dodged questions on Congress transiting from hoisting anti-SP slogan such as ’27 saal UP behaal’ to ‘UP ko ye saath pasand hai’. Both political inheritors harped on fusing to brawl adjacent to the BJP and its communal schedule while also stooping questions on whether Congress president Sonia Gandhi would crusade for their association.

The cart off from the shared manifestation of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi yesterday are noteworthy as both in terms of optics and matter. Two elegant young leaders from diverse parties allocating a simple companionship were visually gratifying. They brought newness and tenderness to the table. There was an intimation of susceptibility in both as they pastured scratchy questions from the media. While Rahul said anyone who considers in their beliefs was welcome, Akhilesh alleged he was happy that he had the consent of party elders. He also said that even as he and Rahul had been colleagues in Parliament, this was the prime time they would be functioning together for UP.

The combined address was much more than optics and paying attention to tee instant confront i.e. Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. As of course for Rahul and Akhilesh, both the assembly elections are critical as Rahul has to revitalize a dwindling Congress in the politically significant state and add it some position of electoral decorum. For Akhilesh it is an issue of pride and reputation after he staged a rebellion against his father Mulayam Singh Yadav and detained control of Samajwadi Party, obviously, he has to show himself as a leader.

Nevertheless, the superior message from the combined appearance is the battle for 2019 General elections has begun and from UP will appear the prevalent confront to BJP by the porch to PM Narendra Modi.  A crash in upcoming elections will signify a key loss for both and after captivating an astounding 71 seats with a massive vote share of above 40 percent in 2014 General elections, a defeat in the state less than three years later will connote a chief attrition of popularity of the party and its leader. With the Samajwadi Party head by his side, Rahul strutted about BSP leader Mayawati with civility and refinement.

If a political connotation has to be drawn from this then perceptibly it has to be in the milieu of Lok Sabha polls 2019. The Congress vice president is receiving an alliance of non-BJP parties ready. The contours of it might look uncertain at this point but the party has to get its thoughts in place and a superior presentation in Uttar Pradesh will capture the idea ahead. He spoke constantly about the politics of annoyance and divisiveness accomplished by BJP. It emerges the party has found a remedy to the shrillness and antagonism of the concluding in the politics of mellowness and serenity. Akhilesh spoke the similar language too even though his party is not precisely recognized for nonviolence.

Akhilesh supplementary built on their party signs saying that the Congress ‘hand’ would help the SP ‘cycle’ to budge more rapidly. The two shook hands and embraced each other for cameras. Rahul said’ Akhilesh and I are friends but that is separate. We want to give the youth of UP a new path’.