Trump And Modi Meeting Over Phone Tonight: Major Topics Discussion


Modi and DONALD TRUMP meeting tonight  in an meting over a phone Soon after the DONALD TRUMP sworn in  as the President of United States and as he comes to work  today he will speak to our prime minister Narendra Modi on phone late night.

As the schedule released by white house for Trump for Tuesday and said, ” President DONALD TRUMP will speak with the INDIA’s prime minister today at 1 PM according to the Washington time.” This meeting is at 11:30 PM tonight according to Indian time.

As per the schedule released the President TRUMP will meet CIA director Mike pompeo at 1:30 PM and afterward with leaders of key Senate at 3 PM. India’s prime minister  Narendra Modi would be the 5th foreign leader to talk with 45th President of United States who sworn in as President on 20 Jan 2017 on Friday.

On 21st Jan  TRUMP hold the talk with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican leader Pena Nieto. After that on Sunday he had a telephonic conversation  with Prime minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and yesterday  he had a conversation with the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi on phone.

Donald Trump had beaten the politician Hillary Clinton in the knife edge poll and after defying all the odds become the 45th US President. After the historic victory of DONALD TRUMP in general elections on 8 November. Modi is among the first five leaders of world who congratulated TRUMP as he surprised the world with his victory. During his election campaign, India is among those few countries in addition with  Israel with whom Trump spoke of about strengthening ties if elected to power.

TRUMP told the cheering crowd of Indian-American in Edison, in New Jersey  “Under TRUMP leadership, we will become better friends, and I would take this better term to next  extent and we would become best friend.”

On 15 October 2016 in an charity event which is organised by Republican Hindu coalition for Kashmiri Pandit victims and Bangladeshi Hindu victims on Edison , as the republican presidential nominee, had praised India’s fast growing rate and modi’s bureaucratic reforms.
Pointing towards India- US relation TRUMP said,” we will have phenomenal future  together.” He also praised Modi for taking India on a fast  growing track with a series of bureaucratic reform and economic reforms. He also said that all these activities are required in US too.
He also added ,” Indian leader is very energetic and I look forward to work with India’s prime minister Mr. Narendra Modi.” He also said in praise of India,” India is becoming a key and a key strategically.

This phone call generally  shows the importance that trump  administration  is giving to India. Trump generally spoke too positive about India denouncing the various job outsource while making fun of ancient India and their  call centre worker. The former Indian envoy to Washington Nirupama rao, said: “India should not waste time reaching out to Mr Trump and establish good relationship with them and increase growth in all sectors”.

There was one another issue of Trump’s campaign, it was his constant barrage against immigrants. It has been pointed out that Trump wants a freeze on new green cards and a restructuring of their  H-1B visa programme and  make it difficult  for  US companies to hire skilled workers from abroad. In which indian are playing primary role as most of the indians in us are the primary recipients of H-1B visa.

It seems that Trump will support India and help in its growth as he supported the Hindu republican and the TRUMP MODI friendship will be in favour of both these countries.


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