What Happen To Your Body When You Are In Stress


Our body reacts as per our mood and stress is a part of that. In our day to day life we come across many moods but we got stressed out the reaction of our body becomes bit different. Have you ever noticed how your body reacts when you are in stress? Before we proceed to your body reaction during stress let’s first take a glance of the Signs of stress:

  1. Heart Rate: Our heart starts racing in tense circumstances.
  2. Hormones: Changes that takes place in cortisol and other hormones record in your saliva, not only indicates stress, but as per a recent study, records how well you respond to it.
  3. Blood Pressure: You will notice that vein in your forehead throbs when you’re about to explode. Stress increases the force against the artery walls when the heart pumps blood.
  4. Allostatic Load:
  5. Inflammatory Markers: When you think about stressors it can actually increase irritation such as c-reactive protein that circulates in our bloodstream.

Whenever you get to feel the above mentioned get that you are in stress and try to get rid of the stress immediately. As we are humans we will get stress because of any thing and it can come at any time but you need to face it and get way to solve it.

What happens to your body?

  1. Alarm Signal: whenever you see, hear or observe a risk, your nerves signals forward related message to your brain.
  2. Brain Trigger:The signals reach the amygdala– a part of our brain that helps in decision making and regulates emotions. The amygdala in turn alarms the hypothalamus- it is a part that controls production of hormone.  
  3. Hormone Cascade: The fast-acting part of our nervous system discharges adrenaline.At this time, the hypothalamus creates corticotropin-releasing hormone, initiating an order that finishes with the stress hormone cortisol production.
  4. Messengers: Cortisol, epinephrine a.k.a. adrenaline, and some other chemicals enter our bloodstream and travel throughout our  body.
  5. The Key Master: Now, nearly all our cells in all our organs as well as tissues are studded with proteins named glucocorticoid receptors. Cortisol fits with them as a key fits with a lock.
  6. Response: Cortisol increases our blood sugar. Epinephrine makes the heart pound by  increasing the oxygen flowing into out major muscles. You’re aware of fight or flight.


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