Elvis Gomes The AAP Leader Promises For Goa: Election 2017


The AAP’s chief ministerial candidate Mr. Elvis Gomes lecturing in a public congregation in Cuncolim constituency alleged that “Corruption is one of the main issues as far as Goa is concerned and in Goa, superficially it may look everything is hunky but deep inside these processes are not functioning and the local population is affected’.

The four-year-old party is assembling its political debut in the tiny coastal state whose assembly comprises of forty seats. AAP dissimilar to other parties has already committed its chief candidate Elvis Gomes .this electoral battle is mounting and turning out to be impulsive as there are four chief parties in the fray time i.e Congress, BJP, MGP, and AAP.

The AAP which is a debutante in forthcoming Goa assembly elections has determined to spotlight their campaign around corruption which they said, is one of the key issues upsetting Goan. Mr. Cuncolim added ‘What is important is the delivery of public services. Today the general complaint is that peoples’ work is not getting done, whether you to panchayat, municipal bodies or any other government office’.

On the matter of casinos, Mr. Gomes declared ‘the BJP government assured to remove these casinos that are the reason why people voted for them. The party that made this promise has reneged on the promise and that is for all to see’. He added ‘ Improve the governance structure, streamline them, give essential training and making them effectual, put good people on the job and see that all policies start percolating at the grassroots level that is the first priority’.

Previously  AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had termed the forthcoming Goa polls listed for  4th February as a ‘Dharma Yuddha’ and he also asserted that state government is niggling Elvis Gomes by generating false charges of corruption against the former administrator. Mr. Gomes alleged that ‘No matter what money comes to the state, eventually the image of the state is more important. For AAP Goa cannot be categorized as the gambling or drug destination’.

The AAP’s chief ministerial candidate and former bureaucrat Elvis Gomes made a comparable terrain and told the audience ‘We will make your future and that of your children. It will be a government of aam aadmi’. This is Kejriwal’s third visit to Goa from the time when the Aam Aadmi Party forayed initial state’s electoral scene with its initial large public meeting in capital Panjim last May.

For the rank outsider in Goa, there is no hesitation the Aam Aadmi party is constructing path among the electorate. ‘ The AAP’s planning in 2017 is similar to Manohar Parrikar’s planning in 2012’, said horticulturist and joint secretary of Goa Bachao Andolan Miguel Braganca.

There are many announcements made on 4th January such as Complimentary portable water for every household, almost up to 20000 liters will be provided. Bisecting of domestic electricity bills and initiating mohalla clinics. Tauter land conservation norms and community justice centres for women for punctual action and also a crime against women. Free of cost sanitary napkins for school girls and automatic dispensing machines for sanitary napkins.

The party also committed and promised that Goa will be garbage free in a year. It also promised to effort towards affordable housing and ban vigorous land conservations at the same time also looking to depress speculative real estate. Gomes also said ‘ Khazans i.e coastal agricultural land tracts will linger khazans , forests will stay forests and farms will linger farms’. Gomes said that mohalla clinics would offer free treatments, free medicines and free testing for all. Five women police stations will also come across the coastal state. According to AAP, they will offer 50000 jobs in five years via entrepreneurship expansion and by sustaining accessible and fresh industries.


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