Akhilesh Yadav And Rahul Gandhi May Alliance For Election 2017


At the official beginning of the Samajwadi party and Congress united campaign here yesterday, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi alleged there was a prospect that they would keep their alliance going for 2019 Lok Sabha polls also. Akhilesh let Rahul lead the show merely striding into utter that UP results would set the tone in national politics, adding together that he was certain that the alliance would win over 300 seats. Mutually dodged questions on Congress transiting from hoisting anti-SP slogan such as ’27 saal UP behaal’ to ‘UP ko ye saath pasand hai’. Both political inheritors harped on fusing to brawl adjacent to the BJP and its communal schedule while also stooping questions on whether Congress president Sonia Gandhi would crusade for their association.

The cart off from the shared manifestation of Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi yesterday are noteworthy as both in terms of optics and matter. Two elegant young leaders from diverse parties allocating a simple companionship were visually gratifying. They brought newness and tenderness to the table. There was an intimation of susceptibility in both as they pastured scratchy questions from the media. While Rahul said anyone who considers in their beliefs was welcome, Akhilesh alleged he was happy that he had the consent of party elders. He also said that even as he and Rahul had been colleagues in Parliament, this was the prime time they would be functioning together for UP.

The combined address was much more than optics and paying attention to tee instant confront i.e. Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. As of course for Rahul and Akhilesh, both the assembly elections are critical as Rahul has to revitalize a dwindling Congress in the politically significant state and add it some position of electoral decorum. For Akhilesh it is an issue of pride and reputation after he staged a rebellion against his father Mulayam Singh Yadav and detained control of Samajwadi Party, obviously, he has to show himself as a leader.

Nevertheless, the superior message from the combined appearance is the battle for 2019 General elections has begun and from UP will appear the prevalent confront to BJP by the porch to PM Narendra Modi.  A crash in upcoming elections will signify a key loss for both and after captivating an astounding 71 seats with a massive vote share of above 40 percent in 2014 General elections, a defeat in the state less than three years later will connote a chief attrition of popularity of the party and its leader. With the Samajwadi Party head by his side, Rahul strutted about BSP leader Mayawati with civility and refinement.

If a political connotation has to be drawn from this then perceptibly it has to be in the milieu of Lok Sabha polls 2019. The Congress vice president is receiving an alliance of non-BJP parties ready. The contours of it might look uncertain at this point but the party has to get its thoughts in place and a superior presentation in Uttar Pradesh will capture the idea ahead. He spoke constantly about the politics of annoyance and divisiveness accomplished by BJP. It emerges the party has found a remedy to the shrillness and antagonism of the concluding in the politics of mellowness and serenity. Akhilesh spoke the similar language too even though his party is not precisely recognized for nonviolence.

Akhilesh supplementary built on their party signs saying that the Congress ‘hand’ would help the SP ‘cycle’ to budge more rapidly. The two shook hands and embraced each other for cameras. Rahul said’ Akhilesh and I are friends but that is separate. We want to give the youth of UP a new path’.


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