IIM Bengaluru Working On Women Empowerment


In India it is only just to say that women are equal to men in wall aspects but in practically thought it would be very difficult to believe in this. They have never given equal rights as compared to to men, equal participation in decision making. Women empowerment usually mean to increase the social, economical, political and make them confident to take their rights equal men’s in all decisions. But this is not seen anywhere in the country, women are always considered wrong and immature in taking rights.  So just for women welfare government in Bengaluru, on 16th of November,2016, The NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), announced the official launch of the WOMEN STARTUP PROGRAMME  along with the  Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment bank and active investor in India.This announcement was made at WEConnect International’s ThinkBig Summit 2016, Asia’s largest women’s entrepreneurship empowerment platform which connect women business with both public and private sector opportunities, which is being supported by the State Government of Karnataka.

According to this scheme, women were given online and classroom training along with the business incubation at no cost just to encourage and support women to start this own business. The purpose is to motivate and teach both entrepreneurial and managerial skills, develop their confidence and proper guidance along with tools and strategies should be given to them for their success in  business. Along with the required capital and proper training should be given to them. The entire programme was divided into three phases:

Phase 1: The time period of this phase is of five week in which 2000 aspiring women entrepreneurs across the country. They will get online training and education. At the end of the course, participants will have to  submit their final business idea and compete for a chance to participate in the second phase of the programme.

Phase 2: This is a three-week on-campus experience. Participants with the top 50 business ideas from the first phase will receive fellowships to participate in training on IIM Bangalore’s campus between January and February 2017. Participants will acquire functional business knowledge while continuing to work on their business idea. Participants will also have an opportunity to attend multiple startup events that IIM Bangalore hosts.

Phase 3: This phase includes a business plan competition where the top 12 startup entrepreneurs will win an opportunity to be incubated at NSRCEL for 12 months to help further develop their business idea, ultimately resulting in an entrepreneurial venture providing a successful product or service. Post the incubation, potential participants will be provided with a funding of up to INR 25 lakhs to support their ventures after meeting the necessary criteria.

“Goldman Sachs is committed to investing in communities and is honoured to support IIMB in their efforts to educate the next generation of women entrepreneurs in India,” said Sonjoy Chatterjee, Chairman and Co-CEO of Goldman Sachs (India). “As a firm, through the 10,000 Women initiative, we have long invested in the potential of women entrepreneurs to fuel economic growth and help build stronger communities globally. In India, we are pleased to extend that learning and support to IIMB Women Startup Programme.”

NSRCEL has a long history of actively engaging and supporting women entrepreneurs for the past decade through their Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs, including Babitha Jaishankar of Wsol, Meera K of Citizen Matters, Aparna Sharma of Minjar, Priya Maheshwari of Properji (acquired by Magic Bricks) and Malini Gowri Shankar of F5 Travels. The Centre also has proven track record of incubating startup companies, including PParke, Amagi, Mango Technologies, and Just Books.

Goldman sachs has been a philanthropist for long. Sonjoy chatterjee chairman and CO-CEO of Goldman sachs said,” as a firm, through the ten thousand women initiative , we have long invested in potential a women entrepreneurs to fuel economic growth and help build stronger communities globally. In india we are pleased to extend the learning and support to IIM-B’S women startup programme.”

The names associated with the initiative by IIM-B definitely give a ray of hope in the growth and development of women in our country and it will be the start of the golden era.


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