Increase In Colleges But No Improvement In Education: Karnataka


As on 1 January 2017, According to  department of Pre-university education, At present Karnataka has 5,004 PU colleges  which were 3,949 in 2012. The number of colleges and institutions are increasing day by day with a rapid speed but as the counting is increasing the education level is decreasing because colleges and institutions are growing and trending business now a days. But nobody is thinking about the quality of education here.

In last five years, there is increase of 26% in PU college in Karnataka and this situation is not all satisfactory and pleasant as the numbers has thrown up with worrisome trend. As per the details  there are 2,828 private PU colleges in state, 1,204 government colleges, 797 aided colleges, 162 bifurcated colleges and 13 BBMP colleges.The numbers is 1,933 private colleges , 1,202 government college , 636 aided college , 165  bifurcated college and 13 BBMP in year 2013. As shown in figures the private colleges are growing at phenomenal rate but there is very slow growth in the number of government college.

K.R. Manjunath secretary , Karnataka State PU College Principals’ Association, said,” the government has permitted around 1700 college to open and the strength of students in colleges is being suffered due to this and will continue to suffer. According to a report submitted to the government on the proliferation of private unaided PU colleges, Manjunath pointed out that the process of granting permission to open new PU colleges is easy this report also clarify “It has become too easy to took permission for opening a new PU college,”

K.R. Manjunath said. “Now a days  colleges are opening like a business of  commercial complexes, dilapidated buildings and with smaller classrooms as well.”

In that government report it is also added that, “Many of the colleges have totally a money making approach  and become money making centres. They run for 10 to 12 hours in a day and put lots of pressure on students and affect the education level of students. ” report added ,” This is not quality education.”

The academic fees of these colleges are extremely high and discriminate those students who can not afford to study in these colleges and not able to get this kind of education.  In Bengaluru There are large numbers of government PU colleges without lecturers and laboratories  And the institute a that are operating in shifts they have to share their infrastructure like buildings with high-schools and others. The shift emphasis towards private colleges and get against the backdrop government institutions.

According to Manjunath report, a number of government PU colleges are bounded to shut down because of its low strength. The report has asked the department to strictly begin curbing the number of private PU institutions from opening and stabilize or improve the conditions of government run institutions.

C Shikha, director of PU education department said ” As per our rules, every institution which has the right kind of infrastructure and have  all required information has full right to receive permission. From our end, to check the performance of these institutions we are mapping the institutions  time to time.  We can’t stop opening of new PU colleges because students are our priority and it’s our right to provide them the quality education that they deserve.”

The situation is same in engineering as engineering is top most trends among parents and students and most of candidates go for this carrier but increase in number of engineering college also affect the quality of education. As the numbers of teachers , Good infrastructure,  proper labs and poor quality of study is the major concern and all India council of technical education is trying to overcome these concerns through various schemes

. Professor  Sahasrabuddhe said that with the increase in the number of colleges, the quality of teaching had affected as there were not enough teachers in every institutions to provide quality education and the level of teaching is going down. He also said that the flexibility  in the education was necessary to improve the quality of education.

To improve the education quality AICTE come with a scholarship programme to catch good teachers and motivate them to provide good quality education to students. AICTE has also an adjunct faculty scheme under which Engineers working with good companies are encouraged to take teaching as their part time work and give technical education to students from real world.


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