Manmohan Singh Helped Vijay Mallya To Get Loan: BJP


Bharatiya Janata Party on Monday 30 Jan 2017  blamed Ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for giving support to the business tycoon Vijay Mallya to get loans and to bail out kingfisher Airlines. this allegation was made by citing letter that have been reported in media. BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra, in a press conference, “In Manmohan Singh insistence Kingfisher Airlines  was given a bail out package. Not only EX-Prime Minister’s insistence was given  to this company, but the income tax department also soft on Mallya and his unfrozen Accounts.”

Referring to Mallya he asked various questions like how  loan of nine thousand  Crore was given to him?? Despite of poor rating of Kingfisher Airlines, and also their account were not running in proper order. BJP spokesperson asked Congress head Sonia Gandhi and her son who is  deputy, Rahul Gandhi, to explain with whom support the defaulting company got loans. BUT Sambit patra also alleged questioned  Was sinking party Congress  helping sinking airline Kingfisher.”

As  blaming P Chidambaram and former prime minister, patra said, we are now able to see the hands which pulled the strings And helped Mallya by ensuring the situations through which  Mallya received loans “

In  the letters, Mallya said he was very “relieved” and “pleased”,  while referring to developments in the interim, according to Patra. In a letter it is also revealed  about Manmohan Singh as he told,” we have to find ways to get Kingfisher out of trouble.”patra said, statement comes after one such letter Mallya had written to Manmohan  on November 14, 2011, BJP Spokesperson, Patra.said that We have certain proofs  that will expose these helping hands. Repeatedly   the kind indulgence of the then prime minister was sought by Mallya.

Kingfisher owner Mallya went to Britain in March last year. Indian agencies have made several attempts to bring back this  business tycoon to India back, who faces many warrants in courts. Mallya said he is living in “forced exile”.

A top prime minister’s official had spoken to ministries concerned following his letter to Manmohan  singh and Mallya had mentioned it, he said. Patra presented another letter the about absconding liquor baron allegedly wrote to Chidambaram in March 2013, seeking his intervention to get NOC from the SBI, which headed the consortium of banks which had given unrecovered loans to the airline, and its subsidiaries as his liquor company was in talks with Diageo for a deal.

Asked about Mallya’s defence, Patra said country will never accept if they will listen to defaulters and he will not be listened he has to come back if wanted to be heard.


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