On 6th Jan International Hindi Conference in Vizag

In India every state has its own language some states also have more than one languages but Hindi is our national language. Hindi is a pride for every Indian. The origin of Hindi is from Sanskrit which is also known as mother of all languages. Hindi is widely used in India especially in Northern Part of country. Now day’s people are not using Hindi as they used to before. So we have to promote Hindi so that our next generation should learn and speak Hindi as our forefathers and they also know the importance of Hindi in our culture.

Vishakhapatnam is going to host International Hindi Conference from this 6 January. This is going to be a great conference for the promotion of Hindi all around the globe. The fourth International Hindi Conference will be happen in the city Visakhapatnam from January 6 to 8 at GITAM University, Gandhi Nagar Campus. The main focus of the conference is building a bridge between experts of the language in India and abroad. The theme of the conference is Teaching Hindi “To Other Language Speakers: Pedagogical Perspectives, Language Planning and Program Development”.

This conference is the result of a new initiative introduced in the field of Hindi education that emphasises to create a connection between the pedagogical experts of the language in India and the pedagogical experts and instructors in the US, Canada, England, Caribbean,  Mauritius, Fiji, and the rest of the world where Hindi is taught as a heritage language as well as a foreign language.

“Teaching Hindi To Other Language Speakers: Pedagogical Perspectives, Program Development and Language Planning” is the theme of the conference that is being hosted by Gitam University on its campus at Rishikonda. More than 200 Hindi scholars and professionals from around the world are expected to participate in the conference, according to former MP and organising committee chairman Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad.

Many leading Hindi scholars from US universities, including New York University, Columbia, and Duke would attend the conference along with academicians from India. Many leading Hindi scholars from US universities, including New York University, Columbia, Duke, City University of New York, Pace and Pennsylvania State University, would attend the conference along with academicians from India. Union Human Resources Development Minister Prakash Javadekar will attend the valedictory of the conference, being jointly organised by the Hindi Sangam Foundation, (New Jersey and New Delhi) and Lok Nayak Foundation of Visakhapatnam.

This will help our National language promotion in whole world. This conference will make Hindi well known in world and will create an impact on Hindi.

2 People Detained By Police: New Year Bengaluru Molestation Case

Being tagged as the IT city of India, Bengaluru witnessed a shameful act on New Year Night. A girl was molested on an empty street in the Eastern Side of Bengaluru around 2:45 am as she was returning from a New Year Party. In carrying out the enquiry task, Bengaluru Police analyzed the CCTV Footage entire night and was successful in detaining two culprits with their accomplices. Coming out with the information about detained, one of the boys stayed at a street in Kammanahalli where the incident took place. One thing came to notice that the victim used to stay at the same street that of culprit.

Further to the detained process, the CCTV Footage was broadcasted on the TV channels from Wednesday onwards. It showcased that a woman alighted from an auto-rickshaw at the crossing of Kammanahalli. She was attacked from behind by man, who came on a scooter. As the video was broadcasted, the friends of the culprits were caught watching the video at a store. After the incident happened, police started investigation on Tuesday around 10.30 and by Wednesday they had their hands on the culprits. Definitely, the quick action of policemen was worth appreciating.

In fact, the video also showcased that the men were wandering around the girl’s house in the late evening too. It was evident from the camera fixed outside the home of a resident named Prashant Francis. Police also brought to notice that the culprits have admitted to their crime on inquiring. According to the video, the boys attacked her first and molested afterwards. Well, the friend accompanying the girl got scared and left the girl there itself. He ran away in the auto and did not bother about the girl.

The girl, who belongs to North East, is apprehensive of identifying the culprits because of security reasons. The case has been cracked by the Bengaluru police and they took immediate action on the registration of report. After seeing the Footage and hearing from the Victim, Bengaluru Police has filed case of Molestation, Attempt to Rape and Robbery against the culprits. The incident took place around 10 km away from the central business district in Bengaluru, where incidents of apparent mass molestation were described by a section of the media on New Year’s Eve. So, the police has become more alert and promised to be more active in coming time.

Polls Date Of 5 States Has Been Announced Today: Election Commission

With announcement coming today from Election Commission that it is bound to carry out elections in Five States, the chief electoral officers of Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttrakhand, Punjab and Manipur joined together in a poll-bound meeting. It was the Election Commissioner, who summoned the meeting for processing the arrangements in corrective directions. During the meeting, the main point of focus was Law and Order dwindles that have taken place because of the road blockage by specified Naga Groups. It became a necessary point of discussion because the political turmoil in Manipur could pose a threat to the Elections that are going to be held soon.

The Union Home Ministry explained in its report to Election Commission that National Highway 2 has been allegedly blocked by United Naga Council and the traffic position is not stable. Even, after a span of 60 days, the Local Government has failed in bringing the situations to its normal position. In order to take the assessment on its own, the Election Commission decided to pay visit and analyze the existing condition for directing valuable means to maintain the situation for proper execution of the elections. In this manner, election preparations will take place in Manipur.

Along with the discussion over political issues cropping in Manipur, some of the other points of consideration were the valuation of the law and order state, positioning of polling personnel, security measures, installation of electronic voting machines and strict execution of the model code of conduct. The Electoral Officers of each state discussed the nity and gritties of arrangements to be made in the election states. In the wake of discussion, they talked about the possibilities of maintaining law and order with proper support of local police offers. It was also brought to notice that adequate amount of police officers will be deployed at the poling destination for retaining the smoothness of process.

Considering the overall security in the 5 states, Election Commission has come up with a plan that states about deploying over 85000 security personnel in election areas for methodical voting. In fact, in a high level meeting headed by Union Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi conveyed that over 750 companies of paramilitary forces will be positioned for smoother election poling. In addition to this, around 100 companies comprising of State Armed Police Forces and India Reserve Battalions would be called for assistance.

As of now, the Election Commission is planning to hold Seven-phased assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh and Single-Phased in other states. Considering the position of Manipur Road Blockage and Riot conditions, Election Commission may go for several phased elections in the North –Eastern State for better results.


A new Era of politics is going to come in UP according to PM Modi. PM Modi stated that majority of common people is with BJP and they think that BJP should be in the governance of UP. The upcoming UP elections are going to be one of the memorable elections ever in UP. Last few days the dispute in the ruling party is well known to all and no one is sure and can predict who is going to be win the elections.

The present scenario is going to help BJP in UP because the favourites are helping their selves in the home dispute. So BJP knows if PM Modi will come and join the UP elections BJP is definitely going to have driver seat in the elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday took a step against the ruling party Samajwadi party and he talked about the family war which is going on the ruling party. Although he did not go to talk specific about the personal things of party led by Akhilesh Yadav CM of Uttar Pradesh.

The Prime Minister asked a massive crowd that will they be able to save UP here at the Rambai grounds addressing a maha parivartan rally. The capacius maidan has traditionally been a hunting ground of Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati who is often billed as the only leader capable of filling the ground to capacity. Mr. Modi told the crowd that only BJP can and wants to save the UP, claiming that there had been no development in Uttar Pradesh since the BJP lost power more than a decade back. Talking about the period of 14 years the BJP was out of power in UP, Mr. Modi emphasised it was not an exile of his party but that of the development in the State. “That 14-year exile will end,” Mr. Modi promised, as he wanted a full majority government for his party in 2017. “The (change) needs to be total, like the mandate he secured at the Centre in 2014,” he stressed.

The Prime Minister said that do not leave anything incomplete in Uttar Pradesh. There must be no obstacles in changing the destiny of UP. The entire force in Delhi is with you. He said his was the only government in the last three decades which had only one “high command,” the people.

So the elections are just coming in UP and this time people have to go beyond conventional voting and they have to decide what they want and who they want as the chief minister of their state. This elections will decide the future of UP for the upcoming 5 years and people has to understand this thing.


Narendra Modi gave his first speech on December 30 after the demonetization drive ended and appealed to the people of Uttar Pradesh to cast their vote in favor of development.Prime minister Narendra Modi was addressing BJP’s Parivartan rally in Lucknow.Without pointing out to a particular political party Narendra Modi showed his regretion for having seen no development in the state and thus said development comes in nobody’s priority list it seems.

Union home minister Rajnath Singh and BJP president Amit shah also addressed the gathering.People attended the rally from corners of state including Awadh,Kanpur and Brij regions in this chilled winter and Narendra Modi said “it is the largest rally ,he has ever attended in his political career”.

Narendra Modi said few basic things in favor of economic development. He said he wants to change”the fate of the country and for India to prosper as a nation and we can do this by developing UP first”. He repeatedly showed his gesture for not being so happy looking at the development in UP and he sounds confident enough for the elections this time.Development is nobody’s priorities he said again and again and also put an effort to change the mentality that for having any positive results the first criteria is developing any state.

This rally very clearly brought two points in front of everybody, the very first point is that BSP and SP never stood together for anything but when it comes to our Prime Minister Modi they agree on “Modi hatao” secondly Modi always said remove black money, remove corruption and then he look that the audience and told them” now it’s your decision what is right for you and for the country. vote for development not for anything else, forget all caste and creed and support our India to reach the better place where it  deserves to be.” he also said “our high command is the people of India. we have no other high command”

Modi said directly” BJP wants development for those who are with us and for those against US. The opposite parties have become irrelevant. If there is politics involved in development no development happens.”

It would be the most interesting elections and the results would be even more interesting.