Pune Infosys Female Employee Found Dead: Security Guard Arrested

In an outrageous occurrence a 23 years old female IT employee working at Infosys Hinjewadi IT park campus was found assassinated in the office yesterday. According to the police, the woman was throttled to death with a computer cable. As per the information, police got a call regarding a dead body of a girl being found within the Infosys campus in Phase II of Hinjewadi IT Park.

A superior police officer alleged that squad from Hinjewadi police Station and those from crime branch will investigate the case. As per the wordings of Vaishali Jadhav,’ she was found dead on the ninth floor of the building in the conference room. Primary probe suggests that she has been strangled with a cable of a computer. We have been told that she was to make a phone call to her colleagues based in Bengaluru on a project. But after she did not answer the call, the firm security officer was informed and when they went to check her they found her lying dead’.

Vaishali Jadhav, Assistant Commissioner of Police told ‘ Her manager was trying to get in touch with Rasila but after 5 pm she did not respond to any call and after trying to call her the manager contacted security personnel and asked them to check if Rasila was at the desk. When the security guard came to the desk, he spotted Rasila’s body lying on the floor.

Police deduce that she was executed at around 5 pm but assassinate came to light only at about 8 pm when a security guard found her body lying on the floor. Whereas cops are however to establish what led to her slaughter, they have zeroed down on the main suspect Bhaben Sailcia, who is a 26-year-old from Assam and worked as a watchman in the office. Cops were capable of determining that he was the single one who had entered the room where she was sitting unaccompanied and working. She had come to work at 2 pm and was work till 11 pm.

At around 5 pm she stopped countering to her team members. Fretful regarding her, Bengaluru team members alerted the security who found her lying on the floor with a blood all over as she has been murdered between 5pm and 6.30 pm. The suspect’s shift got ended at 6.30 pm and he left the campus as usual. He went to his house crammed his bag and gone for Mumbai in a bid to get away. Till the time cops reached the crime place at around 8.30 pm, it took them a couple of hours to get to know about access codes of room and CCTV footage of the edifice that Babe was their man. They formed groups and initiated searching for the suspect who by the time left the city.

On the other hand, they are capable of ripping off Bhaben by around 3 am CST, the place where he was intending to head to his hometown in Assam they were able to track his mobile number and track his movement persistently.  The cops also prepared her family who was on its way to Pune and her friends with whom she used to live were entitled to Infosys campus to identify her. Her friends like several others on Infosys campus were stunned by this incident.

IIM Bengaluru Working On Women Empowerment

In India it is only just to say that women are equal to men in wall aspects but in practically thought it would be very difficult to believe in this. They have never given equal rights as compared to to men, equal participation in decision making. Women empowerment usually mean to increase the social, economical, political and make them confident to take their rights equal men’s in all decisions. But this is not seen anywhere in the country, women are always considered wrong and immature in taking rights.  So just for women welfare government in Bengaluru, on 16th of November,2016, The NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning (NSRCEL) at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), announced the official launch of the WOMEN STARTUP PROGRAMME  along with the  Goldman Sachs, a leading global investment bank and active investor in India.This announcement was made at WEConnect International’s ThinkBig Summit 2016, Asia’s largest women’s entrepreneurship empowerment platform which connect women business with both public and private sector opportunities, which is being supported by the State Government of Karnataka.

According to this scheme, women were given online and classroom training along with the business incubation at no cost just to encourage and support women to start this own business. The purpose is to motivate and teach both entrepreneurial and managerial skills, develop their confidence and proper guidance along with tools and strategies should be given to them for their success in  business. Along with the required capital and proper training should be given to them. The entire programme was divided into three phases:

Phase 1: The time period of this phase is of five week in which 2000 aspiring women entrepreneurs across the country. They will get online training and education. At the end of the course, participants will have to  submit their final business idea and compete for a chance to participate in the second phase of the programme.

Phase 2: This is a three-week on-campus experience. Participants with the top 50 business ideas from the first phase will receive fellowships to participate in training on IIM Bangalore’s campus between January and February 2017. Participants will acquire functional business knowledge while continuing to work on their business idea. Participants will also have an opportunity to attend multiple startup events that IIM Bangalore hosts.

Phase 3: This phase includes a business plan competition where the top 12 startup entrepreneurs will win an opportunity to be incubated at NSRCEL for 12 months to help further develop their business idea, ultimately resulting in an entrepreneurial venture providing a successful product or service. Post the incubation, potential participants will be provided with a funding of up to INR 25 lakhs to support their ventures after meeting the necessary criteria.

“Goldman Sachs is committed to investing in communities and is honoured to support IIMB in their efforts to educate the next generation of women entrepreneurs in India,” said Sonjoy Chatterjee, Chairman and Co-CEO of Goldman Sachs (India). “As a firm, through the 10,000 Women initiative, we have long invested in the potential of women entrepreneurs to fuel economic growth and help build stronger communities globally. In India, we are pleased to extend that learning and support to IIMB Women Startup Programme.”

NSRCEL has a long history of actively engaging and supporting women entrepreneurs for the past decade through their Management Programme for Women Entrepreneurs, including Babitha Jaishankar of Wsol, Meera K of Citizen Matters, Aparna Sharma of Minjar, Priya Maheshwari of Properji (acquired by Magic Bricks) and Malini Gowri Shankar of F5 Travels. The Centre also has proven track record of incubating startup companies, including PParke, Amagi, Mango Technologies, and Just Books.

Goldman sachs has been a philanthropist for long. Sonjoy chatterjee chairman and CO-CEO of Goldman sachs said,” as a firm, through the ten thousand women initiative , we have long invested in potential a women entrepreneurs to fuel economic growth and help build stronger communities globally. In india we are pleased to extend the learning and support to IIM-B’S women startup programme.”

The names associated with the initiative by IIM-B definitely give a ray of hope in the growth and development of women in our country and it will be the start of the golden era.

Increase In Colleges But No Improvement In Education: Karnataka

As on 1 January 2017, According to  department of Pre-university education, At present Karnataka has 5,004 PU colleges  which were 3,949 in 2012. The number of colleges and institutions are increasing day by day with a rapid speed but as the counting is increasing the education level is decreasing because colleges and institutions are growing and trending business now a days. But nobody is thinking about the quality of education here.

In last five years, there is increase of 26% in PU college in Karnataka and this situation is not all satisfactory and pleasant as the numbers has thrown up with worrisome trend. As per the details  there are 2,828 private PU colleges in state, 1,204 government colleges, 797 aided colleges, 162 bifurcated colleges and 13 BBMP colleges.The numbers is 1,933 private colleges , 1,202 government college , 636 aided college , 165  bifurcated college and 13 BBMP in year 2013. As shown in figures the private colleges are growing at phenomenal rate but there is very slow growth in the number of government college.

K.R. Manjunath secretary , Karnataka State PU College Principals’ Association, said,” the government has permitted around 1700 college to open and the strength of students in colleges is being suffered due to this and will continue to suffer. According to a report submitted to the government on the proliferation of private unaided PU colleges, Manjunath pointed out that the process of granting permission to open new PU colleges is easy this report also clarify “It has become too easy to took permission for opening a new PU college,”

K.R. Manjunath said. “Now a days  colleges are opening like a business of  commercial complexes, dilapidated buildings and with smaller classrooms as well.”

In that government report it is also added that, “Many of the colleges have totally a money making approach  and become money making centres. They run for 10 to 12 hours in a day and put lots of pressure on students and affect the education level of students. ” report added ,” This is not quality education.”

The academic fees of these colleges are extremely high and discriminate those students who can not afford to study in these colleges and not able to get this kind of education.  In Bengaluru There are large numbers of government PU colleges without lecturers and laboratories  And the institute a that are operating in shifts they have to share their infrastructure like buildings with high-schools and others. The shift emphasis towards private colleges and get against the backdrop government institutions.

According to Manjunath report, a number of government PU colleges are bounded to shut down because of its low strength. The report has asked the department to strictly begin curbing the number of private PU institutions from opening and stabilize or improve the conditions of government run institutions.

C Shikha, director of PU education department said ” As per our rules, every institution which has the right kind of infrastructure and have  all required information has full right to receive permission. From our end, to check the performance of these institutions we are mapping the institutions  time to time.  We can’t stop opening of new PU colleges because students are our priority and it’s our right to provide them the quality education that they deserve.”

The situation is same in engineering as engineering is top most trends among parents and students and most of candidates go for this carrier but increase in number of engineering college also affect the quality of education. As the numbers of teachers , Good infrastructure,  proper labs and poor quality of study is the major concern and all India council of technical education is trying to overcome these concerns through various schemes

. Professor  Sahasrabuddhe said that with the increase in the number of colleges, the quality of teaching had affected as there were not enough teachers in every institutions to provide quality education and the level of teaching is going down. He also said that the flexibility  in the education was necessary to improve the quality of education.

To improve the education quality AICTE come with a scholarship programme to catch good teachers and motivate them to provide good quality education to students. AICTE has also an adjunct faculty scheme under which Engineers working with good companies are encouraged to take teaching as their part time work and give technical education to students from real world.

22 Soldiers Nominated For Bravery Award: Surgical Strike Across LOC

September 29,2016 marked a great importance in the history of India when 22 Indian soldiers crossed the Line of Control to strike terrorists staging areas. It really need lots of guts to perform such activity and these soldiers did it efficiently and so it been announced that all those 22 soldiers will be awarded with the country’s top gallantry awards. The honorees belong to the elite 4 Para and 9 Para Special Forces Regiment.

Major Rohit Suri from 4 Para has been awarded with the Kirti Chakra which is the second-highest peacetime decoration. As per the statement of Indian Army none of these soldiers were hurt in that top-secret operation. No minutiae of the individual citations of the soldiers have came into the lime light. Three officers and two jawans are been awarded with the third highest peacetime decoration, the Shaurya Chakra.

As per the names Colonel Harpreet Sandhu and Colonel Kapil Yadav who were involved in designing the operations but were not physically present in the operation will been awarded the Yudh Sewa Medal for eminent wartime service. Apart from that 14 others have been awarded with the Sena medal for individual performances of excellent dedication to duty or bravery which has special significance for the Indian Army.  One of these 22 soldiers named Havaldar Anil Kumar from 9 Para has received the Sena Medal earlier.

The details related with the surgical strikes have been kept entirely confidential. How many soldiers were associated in this task was not shared publicly. As per the Army sources the soldiers associated in this mission trekked upto two km into Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir. They came back before dawn, after killing all the terrorists present at that place, who were planning to attack in Indian Metros.   

The Army said that they have the videos and photos of the surgical strike, but don’t want to share it publicly. This mission took place when deadly terror attacked on an army base in Uri in Kashmir where 19 people were left dead and Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned that this attack will not go unpunished.

Salman Khan And Other Members Reached Jodhpur Court For Statement Record

Controversies are something that has always surrounded the “Sultan” of Bollywood and blackbuck poaching case was one of such controversies. After 18 long years of the incident took place the decision came in this case and Salman Khan was found innocent in it. Today Bollywood actors like Saif Ali Khan, Sonali Bendre, Tabu and Neelam arrived in Jodhpur High Court with Salman Khan to record their statements.

The actors arrived in Jodhpur on January 13, on Thursday after the court, ordered their attendance. These five actors are accused of poaching a pair of black bucks, during their shoot schedule of ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ in 1998 near Kankani village. These blackbucks were protected under the Wildlife Protection Act.

It was ordered to the actors before the chief judicial magistrate Jodhpur District court after their counsel sought an exemption of their appearance on January 25. As per the statement of Salman Khan’s counsel Hastimal Sarswat out of 51 only 28 witnesses were examined by the prosecution. I needed, The defence side will get a chance after the statements of the accused got recorded.  

The “Kick” actor is facing trial for the possession of illegal arms which were used to hunt the animals. Two other accused namely, Dushyant Singh and Dinesh Ganware,helped the actors to hunt. As the incident and accusations against him are yet to be framed, Ganware has been on the run.

Modi Trail Campaign For BJP-SAD Alliance: Punjab Election 2017

Today, PM Narendra Modi will strike the crusade trail and will address a public assembly at PAP Ground, Jalandhar in Punjab, where the BJP- SAD alliance is sheltered in a strong triangular contest with AAP and Congress.  Mr. Narendra Modi will visit the border state again to tackle another rally in Faridkot district at Kotkapura on Sunday, previous to captivate a smash for the budget session commencing on 31st January. This Kotkapura rally will be administered by SAD.

According to the sources,   PM Mr. Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah will administer expansively in the five poll-bound states and emphasize the accomplishments of the central government. The party has not committed chief managerial candidates in four states except Punjab where CM Prakash Singh Badal-led Akali Dal leads the alliance government.

State BJP unit secretary Vineet Joshi said’ We are planning his rally at the best place for a maximum number of candidates of SAD-BJP combine’. With the forthcoming state assembly election drawing closer in the northwestern state of Punjab, BJP is all ready to heat up poll campaigning in Punjab with its star campaigner PM Narendra Modi all set to take the stage in Jalandhar today. Mr. Modi will be campaigning for candidates from BJP all across the state for next few days initiating from PAP Ground in Jalandhar as per the reports.

Punjab unit of BJP shared to twitter, the rally will initiate at approximately 2 pm and will be brooked live and Modi will take over the stage at 3 pm. Amalgamating Modi Ji on the campaign trial in Punjab will be party president Amit Shah and finance minister Arun Jaitley, altogether with many other senior BJP leaders comprising Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari. The Punjab branch of a party has by now began approaching some of the admired policies and schemes of Narendra Modi government.

The state assembly election in Punjab revolving into a triangular challenge between SAD-BJP alliance, AAP and INC which is also constructing its state assembly introduction in the state and anti-Badal response rising in the state, the BJP is probable to tough antagonism. The BJP is contesting the election with Prakash Singh Badal and a large number of many senior politicians and Union ministers and altogether they  will pitch in displaying how central government remained uncontaminated in two and a half years divergent to UPA dispensation which observed numerous scams.

Identifying ex- CM Kalyan Singh’s son and Etah MP Rajveer Singh as a star supporter shows that BJP is roping in all possible politicians who can merge   OBC votes which party members consider will be crucial. Party members are sanguine of the hold up of upper castes and also anticipate crafting inroads among Dalits. Till then Mr. Shah will liberate party proposal for the PU polls tomorrow. It is learnt that the commencement of this proposal will be a chief event. This program will endeavor on empowerment of Dalits and the majority of the backward module.

Elvis Gomes The AAP Leader Promises For Goa: Election 2017

The AAP’s chief ministerial candidate Mr. Elvis Gomes lecturing in a public congregation in Cuncolim constituency alleged that “Corruption is one of the main issues as far as Goa is concerned and in Goa, superficially it may look everything is hunky but deep inside these processes are not functioning and the local population is affected’.

The four-year-old party is assembling its political debut in the tiny coastal state whose assembly comprises of forty seats. AAP dissimilar to other parties has already committed its chief candidate Elvis Gomes .this electoral battle is mounting and turning out to be impulsive as there are four chief parties in the fray time i.e Congress, BJP, MGP, and AAP.

The AAP which is a debutante in forthcoming Goa assembly elections has determined to spotlight their campaign around corruption which they said, is one of the key issues upsetting Goan. Mr. Cuncolim added ‘What is important is the delivery of public services. Today the general complaint is that peoples’ work is not getting done, whether you to panchayat, municipal bodies or any other government office’.

On the matter of casinos, Mr. Gomes declared ‘the BJP government assured to remove these casinos that are the reason why people voted for them. The party that made this promise has reneged on the promise and that is for all to see’. He added ‘ Improve the governance structure, streamline them, give essential training and making them effectual, put good people on the job and see that all policies start percolating at the grassroots level that is the first priority’.

Previously  AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal had termed the forthcoming Goa polls listed for  4th February as a ‘Dharma Yuddha’ and he also asserted that state government is niggling Elvis Gomes by generating false charges of corruption against the former administrator. Mr. Gomes alleged that ‘No matter what money comes to the state, eventually the image of the state is more important. For AAP Goa cannot be categorized as the gambling or drug destination’.

The AAP’s chief ministerial candidate and former bureaucrat Elvis Gomes made a comparable terrain and told the audience ‘We will make your future and that of your children. It will be a government of aam aadmi’. This is Kejriwal’s third visit to Goa from the time when the Aam Aadmi Party forayed initial state’s electoral scene with its initial large public meeting in capital Panjim last May.

For the rank outsider in Goa, there is no hesitation the Aam Aadmi party is constructing path among the electorate. ‘ The AAP’s planning in 2017 is similar to Manohar Parrikar’s planning in 2012’, said horticulturist and joint secretary of Goa Bachao Andolan Miguel Braganca.

There are many announcements made on 4th January such as Complimentary portable water for every household, almost up to 20000 liters will be provided. Bisecting of domestic electricity bills and initiating mohalla clinics. Tauter land conservation norms and community justice centres for women for punctual action and also a crime against women. Free of cost sanitary napkins for school girls and automatic dispensing machines for sanitary napkins.

The party also committed and promised that Goa will be garbage free in a year. It also promised to effort towards affordable housing and ban vigorous land conservations at the same time also looking to depress speculative real estate. Gomes also said ‘ Khazans i.e coastal agricultural land tracts will linger khazans , forests will stay forests and farms will linger farms’. Gomes said that mohalla clinics would offer free treatments, free medicines and free testing for all. Five women police stations will also come across the coastal state. According to AAP, they will offer 50000 jobs in five years via entrepreneurship expansion and by sustaining accessible and fresh industries.