Aamir: I Am Not King Of Box office After Phenomenal Success Of Dangal


The Aamir Khan, superstar of Bollywood last movie Dangal has gathered over Rs 385 crores and counting at the box office. Over past decades his films admired for its quality content, have perpetually gathered more gold than Shahrukh Khan. Unquestionably Aamir has distorted the equation when it comes to box office numbers and confirmed all over again that he’s the bigger than all other actors. He has constantly carried gravely highly praised movies, lighting up cash catalogs.

On Dangal’s success party Aamir khan alleged that he never chooses movies on its prospective to do business, he said that ’Till today I never signed a movie on the basis of its capability to do business and I prefer to choose a film from my heart. All the films I have done till now which touched my heart’.

The movie carried Aamir Khan Filmfare Best Actor Award. He also told media that the most highly regarded award is his viewers’ love and he added ‘Other than this I do not think about any other awards’. Aamir said that ‘I am not a box office king. I am only Kiran’s king’. Nowadays he looked to be in the seventh heaven after the enormous achievement of Dangal.

Aamir added that “movies like ‘Taare Zameen par’, ‘3 idiots’, ‘Rand de Basanti’ and ‘sarfarosh’ when I did these movies, I never thought that they would be a big hit. If you take Dangal as an example, I played a role of an aged and heavy wrestler and there are no romantic songs or any specific formula to become a blockbuster and so we never predicted that the movie would be such a big hit”.

The superstar also said that ‘the attack on Sanjay Leela Bhansali is not a good deed as taking law in our hand is not legal for anyone. What has happened is very wrong and saddening. The people of Rajasthan are very much lovable and sensible and my experience with the people and the place was very good’.


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