Donald Trump Agreed To Meet NATO Leaders In Europe In May


Yesterday, the White House said after the president’s term with alliance’s secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. Mr. Trump was nominated on an oath to press on NATO members to boost their funding to the western alliance to relieve the financial burden on the US. The suggestion was haggard antagonism from both his fellow Republicans and Democrats, and this idea was bothered European allies who dread Russian President Vladimir Putin might take advantage.

According to the White House statement’ President Trump agreed to join a meeting of NATO leaders in Europe in May’, the White House statement also added that’ Trump and Stoltenberg both discussed how to encourage all NATO allies to meet their defense spending commitments’. Trump articulated ‘strong support for NATO’ but described on European members to pitch in more. The statement of White House also added that’ the parties agreed to continue coordination and cooperation to address the full range of security challenges facing NATO’.

European leaders are anxious about Trump’s potent criticism of NATO and also have christened the transatlantic military alliance ‘obsolete’ at a time when it stands as the chief defense against Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. Trump’s affable stance toward Putin has been under inquiry from the time when he won the US election in November. As per White house statement both the parties also conversed ‘the potential for a peaceful resolution of the conflict along the Ukrainian border’.

More than the prior week, a blaze up in aggression has exploded between Ukrainian military and Russia-backed separatists, with each reproving the other of a novel wave of gunfire and more than 40 people have been executed in both government and mutineer held areas.  Trump has drawn fire at home for wanting to warm up ties with Putin.

In an interview transmit yesterday at the time of Fox channel’s super bowl pregame show, Mr. Trump gestured off anxiety from interviewer Bill O Reilly that ‘Putin’s a killer’. Trump also said citing the 2003 Iraq war that ‘We have got a lot of killers, you think our country is so innocent? You think our country is so innocent?’ U.S senator Marco Rubio of Florida who had lost to Trump in the republican presidential foremost battle preceding year tweeted that it would be a blunder to lift US sanctions on Russia, a move Trump has been thinking.


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