M-Factor For Rahul, Mayawati And Akhilesh: UP Election 2017


It’s high time now, and people are anxious to know who is going to win the UP elections. Like every election for this election also parties have come up with their strategies and this time it the M factor. If various choices fails to give benefit to the spoiler BJP, M (Muslim) factor can only give victory.  From long decades, UP has regarded as a weathercock state in the history of Indian Politics Win is priority for all the parties contesting election in this UP election of seven phase which is starting on February 11 and ending in March 8.

From last few years BJP has come up as one of the most popular and supported party and fighting election against it is a huge challenge for other parties like SP, BSP and Congress. But this time all these parties are prepared to come on the field with the M-factor.

As challenging state giants and national parties gear up for the purpose of campaigning, key rumour has been surrounding the of significance of the minority (read Muslim). From 2014 general elections to till now the M factor has become the talk of town. The difference is at that time it was M for Modi and this time its M for Muslim. If we analyse the past 6 state elections, the scenario indicates the crucial Importance of almost 130 seats with a note worthy minority population.  

With the present situation it is evident that the political parties has put the minority in the limelight in order to win the elections. But it would be impressive to see that weather the M-factor will work or not? How important role this M-factor will play in this UP election? We can just wait for the election results to find it out.


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