SMOG: Factors That Causes Smog Big Health Issue


Going ahead on this topic we need to know what exactly SMOG is. Smog is the mixture of industrial pollutants, car and other vehicle pollutants, open burning and incinerators. In recent days population of Delhi has faced the problem of smog in a huge amount. With the increasing pollution in the environment the risk of health issue in the population of Delhi is also increasing.

This hazardous climate change happened with the hike in numbers of vehicle and Smog has become one the common affairs for the people of Delhi but many of them are not aware of the health issues that Smog can be responsible of. Are you aware of the health issues that you can get during Smog days?

People who are suffering with with chronic airway diseases such as bronchial asthma or lung diseases can get more effected with such things and they should avoid going out.  And in case you can’t avoid going out you should wear a mask to avoid inhaling the smog.

People have faced issue of giddiness, breathlessness, chest constriction, chest pain, and irritation in eyes.Smog can trigger up the sickness of people having history of allergy, asthma or some related health issues. The situation of smog in delhi is termed as “Emergency situation” and with that anyone can understand how dangerous smog is for an individual.


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