Surgical Strikes Actually Happened In Pakistan In 2016


A military confrontation between India and Pakistan began on 29th September 2016, India alleged that it had conducted surgical strikes against militant launch pads across the line Of Control in Pakistani-administered Azad Kashmir and inflicted significant casualties. On this Pakistan rejected the claim stating that Indian troops had not crossed the LOC but ad only skirmished with Pakistani troops at the border resulting in death of two Pakistani soldiers and wounding of nine. Pakistan rejects India’s reports of any other casualties.

On 29th September 2016 i.e. eleven days after Uri attack, the Indian army alleged that it had demeanor surgical strikes adjacent to assumed militants in Pakistani administer Kashmir. Indian director General of Military Operations i.e. DGMO alleged that ‘very credible and specific information’ about terrorist teams who were organizing to hold out penetration and carry out terrorist strikes inside J&K and in numerous metros in other states. On the other hand, Pakistan denied that such surgical strikes occurred as the inter-services public relations said that there had been only cross-border firing, but Pakistani PM Nawaz Shariff predestined the ‘unprovoked and naked aggression of Indian forces’ which resulted in the death of two Pakistani soldiers.

According to Indian officials, the strike beleaguered areas close to line Of Control where it believes militants assemble for their final briefings before niggling across the Line Of Control. The Indian security source alleged that the operation commenced with Indian forces firing artillery crosswise the boundary to offer cover for three to four teams of 70 to 80 commandos from four and nine Special Forces to cross the Line Of Control over at many separate points after midnight on 29 September. According to Army sources, the Special Forces teams had traveled 1 to 3 km on foot and had embarked on destroying the terrorist bases with hand held the grenade and 84 mm rocket launchers. According to them the team has swiftly returned to the Indian side of LOC suffering only one casualty. A soldier wounded after tripping a land mine.

As per the report by India Today, the Indian army had destroyed a company headquarters and approximately four military posts of Pakistan army on 29th October 2016 in revenge to the beheading of Indian soldiers by militants who were added to cover fire from Pakistan army. On 21st September 2016, in fact, the surgical; strike by India and the succeeding rejection by Pakistan looks like a multifaceted matter. We should firstly know about the facts and then we should set up a conclusion regarding this.

The Indian DGMO in a conference alleged that India had conducted surgical strikes to eradicate terrorist’s launch pads all along the Line of Control and terrorists undergone heavy losses. He also added that there was no loss of life on Indian part. Mainly India wanted to perform this surgical strike to eliminate Hafiz Saeed and this goal is tranquil to accomplish. But on the other hand, media showed out many proofs according to which it was quite cleared that the surgical strikes have taken place. Sharif’s primary reaction after a surgical strike was ‘condemning unprovoked and naked aggression of Indian forces along the Line Of Control was the sincere one.

This was the primary acceptance of reality and the truth of the surgical strike by India. As per the reports of CNN, it has nailed the lie of Pakistani institution that no surgical strike took place and was a routine firing a long Line Of Control. India never needed to offer proof of attack.


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