10 Points That Shows How BJP Took U-turn After Coming Into Power


Mr. Narendra Modi after coming into power in 2014, subsequent to elected as a Prime Minister he was quite sure regarding the completion of the assurances. The BJP sarkar has been tagged as U-Turn stake now as according to all the promises made by Modi Ji were completely different from the completion and only this is the reason BJP government has been tagged as U-turn Sarkar. Congress also said that BJP has departed reverse on all the declaration that was made at the time of an election. Several people also lay blame on BJP of hoodwinking them and deluding them only to come in Power. As we all are acquainted that all cliques of BJP will debris these asserts, but let us illustrate you that chief u-turn with proper evidence

10 Railway fares

At the time Modi was in power he had contrasted the price hike so as to restrain corruption. The disparate rise in railway fares and gave numerous threats. He also wrote a letter to PM requesting him to withdraw this rise in fare while it avoided the parliament.  After coming to power BJP mounted rail fare by 14.2 percent and cargo by 6.5 percent and there was no chart publicized for a betterment of railways and contravening trust of residents.

9 Electricity rates

Before Delhi, elections BJP promised 30 percent cheaper electricity but after it came to power the Modi government took a U-Turn. In view of the fact that there has been an augment in the electricity rates twofold. Once it was augmented by 8.32 percent and second time and it was increased by 7 percent.

8 Petrol price

When BJP and MR. Modi was in opposition they held responsible centre government failure on hike of petrol and Diesel price and the meaning on price hike on fuel has changed now after BJP came to power. In November itself approximately four times of price hiked and total hike was Rs 12 on Petrol in just within one month. As on 2012, Mr. Modi tweeted on 2012 ‘massive hike in petrol prices is a prime example of the failure of Congress-led UPA. This will put a burden of hundreds of crores on Gujarat’.

7 Demonetization

When Reserve bank of India led by Raghuram Rajan in 2014 the step of demonetization was proposed but BJP has opposed it by alleging that this step would not address the issue of black money and termed it as ‘ Anti-poor’ and this comment on Irani was also went viral after demonetization announcement. Now when BJP is in power ,instantly the decision regarding banning of Rs500 and Rs 1000 notes were planned   as a measure to deal with illegitimate and black money.

6 Black Money

This was the chief poll schedule of BJP as they had made assurances of conveying back the wealth of India that was hoarded abroad surrounded by 100 days after pretentious supremacy. Furthermore it also assured that it will disclose the names of those people having illegal accounts in abroad but even after a year passed away government was not capable to formulate them open and wanted some more time for this. As on 2014 October, it declined to formulate the names public may be owing to supremacy of a few big people. As per the wordings of Narendra Modi when in opposition ‘Why is Cong hesitant to bring back black money? Because they know who it belongs to… NDA will bring back every paisa that is stashed abroad’.

5 Civil nuclear deal

At the time of UPA II , when there were endeavors by Manmohan Singh of brining  the Civil Nuclear deal between India and US it was phrased by BJP as adjacent to the nation’s attention. They also fetched about adjustments in the bill and stopped it. On the other hand after coming to influence it is without a doubt a conceited moment for them and nation as now government has signed the agreement with US.

4 Bangladesh immigrants

At the time of election speeches given by Mr. Narendra Modi  , he made big claims regarding the Bangladeshi immigrants that they will fling out all as they gave them some big intimidations too. But at last after impending into power BJP government unrelenting them and gave hem visa-free access.

3 Land swap deal

Whilst BJP was in antagonism, UPA projected the agreement of swapping land with Bangladesh but BJP contrasted so that border disputes were not resolute. Yet the Vice President of BJP Assam affirmed that this transaction will not fetch any assistance to the state. But instantly all things has been transformed from the time BJP came to supremacy and whilst PM Modi tripped Assam for 2 days he marked this deal and extracted  the rationale ‘ Assam’s security’ for it.

2 Aadhar card

At the same time as campaigning for Lok Sabha elections, BJP alleged that Aadhar card does not take heed of national wellbeings. Ananth Kumar at the time of fighting adjacent to Nandan Nilekani affirmed that Aadhar card would be fragmented and criminal procedures will be commenced for all who are liable for it. On the other hand when Mr. Modi came to supremacy the Aadhar card was favored and it received a downy go further on and currently he alleged that ‘Angutha he apki pahchan hai’ which is also footed on Aadhar. As per the wordings of Mr. Modi he said that ‘acceptance of aadhaar as a means of good governance and transparency is gladdening. It ensures savings to exchequer and better service delivery’.


In 2012 when Modi was CM of Gujarat and BJP was in antagonism, it perceptibly was adjacent to proposal of mountaineering FDI cap to 49 percent.  BJP chief leaders were observed as objecting and chirping against FDI and now when they came to power BJP entirely favoured 40 percent cap and hard-pressed the bill too. On the other hand it received antagonism in Rajya sabha. As per the PMO India ‘it has been determined to authorize 100 percent FDI under government sanction route for trading, counting through e-commerce’.


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