Kanpur Train Accident And ISI Agent Shamshul Huda Arrested In Nepal


Shamshul Huda, known to be a negotiator of Pakistan’s scout agency ISI i.e. inter-service intelligence has apparently been under arrest in correlation with at least three derailments in India. He is the Dubai-based mastermind behind an alleged ISI backed plot to cause train accidents in India by planting IEDs on the railway tracks.  It is not clear yet as to at what time he will be brought to India, although it can be today itself. At least three FIRs have been recorded adjacent to Huda over derailments in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh. All three derailments had led to a heavy trouncing of life.

The derailment cases had been in use over by the National Investigation agency i.e. NIA ever from the time when it appeared that the ISI could be implicated in them. It was one of the suspects in the case- Brif Giri- who acknowledged to the police regarding the Pakistani spy agency’s connection. The NIA and the Nepal Police has united and joined hands to arrest Huda who was in Dubai when Giri was under arrest and cross-examined. Mr. Pashupati Upadhyaya, Deputy Inspector General of Police i.e. DIG told journalists that Huda was apprehended from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and afterward detained.

The home ministry officer said ‘there are no contradictions whatsoever in what they had told the Bihar police previously and currently the Central agencies. They seem to very sure of and consistent with their disclosures. Also, technical evidence points to discussions between the arrested accused on the one hand and Nepalese handler Brij Kishore Giri, Dubai-based mastermind Shamshul Huda as well as Karachi-based suspected ISI agent Shafi Shaikh on the other, leading credence to the ISI involvement theory’.

It currently came forward that Huda all along with three others suspects had in fact been extradited from Dubai to Nepal and Interpol assisted. All four were apprehended from the airport. Mr. Upadhyaya added that ‘the Nepal Police will closely coordinate with the Indian Police for Huda’s alleged involvement in criminal activities in India’. Huda apparently has a number of criminal cases wedged aligned with Huda in Nepal also.The police alleged that ‘ Huda is the mastermind of a dual murder in Bara district in Nepal and has links with international criminal groups and he has been involved in a number of criminal cases in both India and Nepal’.

Sources subsequent the inquiry told media that Umashankar Patel, one of the three accused arrested by Bihar Police had verbal to both Shamshul Huda and Shafi Shaikh at the same time as the two masterminds were collectively in Dubai in August after being put in contact with them by Brij Kishore Giri.

The responsibility of ISI is being suspected in the occurrence after Bihar police in January detained three persons asserting that they were functioning for the Pakistani intelligence agency to target Indian railways. According to Bihar police, the three were remunerated Rs 3 lakh by a Nepali man who had links with Huda.


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