Raees Banned In Pakistan


Bollywood starrer Shahrukh Khan and Pakistani actress Mahira Khan movie ‘Raees’ which was scheduled to hit Pakistani cinema on Sunday, was banned on Monday due to its inappropriate portrayal of Muslims and various objectionable contents of movie.

Central board of film certification said this is Mahira Khan’s debut in Bollywood industry under Rahul dholakia direction was banned in country. An official of the Punjab censor board said most members of country objected  the film release, and they will follow the decision of the central censor board.

As per the source details the reason behind this ban was that the movie content undermines Islam and specific religion. It also portrays Muslims as criminals ,terrorist and most wanted persons around world. The self imposed ban on this Bollywood film ended up on 1 February when Atrium cinemas from Karachi screened Hrithik’s starrer film “Kaabil” . Before Raees the Ranbir kapoor starrer, Karan johar’s “A dil hai muskil” was in controversy but information ministry and Central board of film certification (CBFC) cleared the screening of “A dil hai Muskil”  in country.

Earlier the film was in turbulent water owing to bitter relation between India and Pakistan. Earlier Pakistani actresses were banned due to certain outfits and due to which Raees heroine Mahira Khan was not able to become a part of film promotion in India.

Last week Pakistan’s Prime Minister  Nawaz Sharif appreciated the decision and give thumbs up to information and broadcast minister to lift ban from Indian films by issuing No Objection Certificate, by censor board.

According to the reports, the official of information and broadcast Ministry,  the government was pleased to continue on existing policies to display international movie including Indian movie in Pakistani cinemas . The statement also pointed it out that the international movie screening by cinema houses would be allowed only after approval from country’s relevant censor board.

Despite of all these factors Pakistani cinema owned the decision not to screen Indian movie until the atmosphere become better which get disturbed due to last year activities which create tension, over an attack Indian base camp in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir surgical strike across the line of control. They took the decision after Indian motion picture producer association banned all Pakistani artist to work in Indian projects or film.


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