Leadership Program Will Be Run In Govt Schools: Delhi Government


In order to build leadership quality in students Delhi government took the initiative to organize leadership programme in government school. The announcement regarding this leadership programme was made by deputy chief minister Mr. Manish Sisodia on Tuesday 7 Feb. He also make it clear that initially this programme was proposed only in few selective government run School and will gradually expand to every government school in Delhi.

On Tuesday Manish Sisodia said, “In order to inculcate leadership qualities in children, the Delhi government initiated this program. We want our children to inculcate leadership qualities wherever they go in their life, whatever profession they join or do their own business. Our children should be able to lead in any situation and provide leadership to society in case they need in their future. They should also be able to lead their nation as well when nation need them”.

Manish Sisodia, the education minister highlighted a comment that Excellence in education will award ceremony but in over system government facilitated teachers and principal for good board exam results. He also give the details of this programme that how it Will work and on what factor this programme will focus. Education minister said, “Leadership qualities are required not just to fight elections but this quality is required to develop skills that will help an individual to set peace in their own life. Many of them will discover later in their lives that their lives are lead by someone else and they are not in charge of their own life.

He said, “firstly we focus on educational infrastructure in first year. In second year we devote our energy to provide international level training to teachers later who can be able to teach students.  This activity will continue over the third year and in third year we will focus more on making learning more creative and productive. He also asked, “I believe when students come out of a student life the knowledge that is given through books is not enough for their future livelihood, he or she know more than what he or she learn from books.

A creative spirit and self confidence is far more important than academic mark sheets and learning. He also said, “it is more important to learn the ability to study textbooks with confidence than their academic syllabus”. He exhorted school faculty to focus on those students who were lagging behind in their academic studies and said now government is going to make learning more creative this will help all students to achieve good in their life.
There are various guidelines related to this leadership programme and all schools must have to follow these rules before starting this leadership enhancement programme in their schools.

Main Rules and guideline are:
All private schools in the nation’s capital will have to take permission from government before increasing the school fees. Supreme Court decided to override the rules brought by private unaided school committee in Delhi, and challenging Delhi high court’s ruling in event earlier when asked to follow government’s norms regarding increase in school fees.


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