Restriction On Cash Withdrawal Even After 90 Days Of Demonetization


Today Two opposition parties Congress and Trinamool congress  joined to slam Modi government for continuing restrictions on cash withdrawals even after 90 days of demonetization. As prime Minister Narendra Modi had said this deprivation will last long only for the period of 50 days.

Trinamool congress leader Sukhendu Sekhar Roy said, “today 8 Feb marked completion of 90 days since demonetization announced on November 8 last year. “He said Modi ji asked for 50 days to normalize the situation and publicly  offered to undergo any punishment if any hardship or shortcomings are found after 30 December”. Now even after 90 days, the restriction on withdrawal of cash still  continue, we want our Prime Minister to stand at chowk a road crossing. He said government now should lift all the restriction so that people can use their money according to their own will.

TMC, a sour critic of decision to junk high valued Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes and gave notice of suspension of business of Rajya Sabha to discuss continuing restrictions  under rule 267. This decision get support from congress and also from other opposition parties. Deputy chairman P.J. Kurien said this issue has already been discussed for 12 hours, he said this disallowing the notice.

Currently, the cash withdrawals limit from savings bank account is 24000 per week . Sukhendu Sekhar Roy contested kurien’s statement and said that the discussion happened on the motion of Thanks to President’s Address and the subject of matter was not demonetization. Deputy chairman said, “I have rejected the notice. Therefore I am not allowing the notice. “He conceded that technically the motion did not mention particularly this matter but during the discussion the issue was touched upon by both the sides.

At this point, other party members and congress joined in this demand that they should speak on this issue but leading to protest by members J.P. Kurien disallowed it. As he turned down Roy’s he said, “because this motion was rejected i can’t allow anybody to speak”. Kurien said this position can call other members to speak on 267 rule, if any doubt about admitting it. I haven’t any doubt on this motion and I am not allowing anybody including minister to speak on this issue. “

Members continued to protest for a brief but resumed their places as house took up listed business. The Trinamool congress party recently received a big setback  as its former president Kim Gangte joined Bharatiya Janata party and left TMC  last month. In its earlier speech senior vice president of party told the party’s view of this current economic blockade and Bjp and congress both are trying to take political mileage from it. He said both parties should bear the responsibilities for the hardship faced by the common man of our country. he also added, ”it’s the right time to teach both the parties a lesson.


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