Minor Girl Raped By Guardian In Karnataka Got Pregnant


A school girl, who was just 15 years old, was allegedly raped by her guardian for prior many months subsequent who she became pregnant and as per the report the fatality was studying in a government school and was espoused by the accused after her biological parents had discarded her. The accused has been acknowledged as Krishnappa, a laborer in Basrikatte village of Karnataka’s Koppal district who had accepted the girl all along with his wife Shanthamma who is almost prejudiced.

As per the wordings of senior police official alleged that ‘ Krishnappa, who is drunkard purportedly and raped the victim on numerous occasions. He had also endangered the victim of serious penalties if she complained about it’, he also added that the girl is studying in class 7 in a local government school. Villagers come within reach of police only after the minor girl became pregnant and inquiry has been in progress now. The police official said that ‘ Krishnappa is a serial criminal as he was previously detained for operating an illegal slaughterhouse in close proximity to his house’.

In today’s time, the rape and eve teasing cases should be reduced by changing the attitude of people and the police both. Many victims do not go to the police because of their insensitive and harassing attitude. If the police force becomes serious the rape cases would definitely reduce .the government should take strict action towards these cases and should kindly work in the direction towards ensuring the protection of country’s women and children.

As the villagers move toward within reach of police subsequent to when the minor girl became pregnant and at the moment the inquiry regarding this matter has been now started and police have initiated its investigation regarding this.


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