GoAir Flight G8-557 Bound To Bengaluru Caught Fire


On Wednesday evening 187 passengers and six crew members on board the Bengaluru-bound Airbus A320 of GoAir i.e GT 557 had a narrow escape after the plane caught fire in just 7 minutes subsequent to take off from Delhi airport.

Navneet Kumar was quiescent inside his aunt’s house in southwest Delhi‘s Najafgarh area when two of his nephews who were playing outside ran in frantically as they have seen a plane mid-air on fire. Navneet Kumar the Gurugram resident told Mail Today alleged that ‘I immediately came out of the house and saw flames had engulfed the left engine’. He added that ‘I was state of shock for a moment and so were the others present there. I realized that a massive tragedy would occur if steps were not initiated soon and so I immediately dialed 100 on my mobile to inform police about the incident’.

The pilot well-versed ATC i.e. Air traffic Control and the plane made an emergency landing without any victims. The occurrence came days following two aircraft came face to face moments previous to one was to take off at Indira Gandhi International airport in the national capital. An indigo flight was started towards the taxiway after landing just when a Spice Jet aircraft was arranging for takeoff on 27th December.  Hours prior the same day, a Jet Airways flight with 161 people on board swerved off the runway and slipped into the field at Goa airport.

A number of passengers were injured in the occurrence and Jet flight 9W 2374 was programmed to fly from Goa to Mumbai at 4.40 am but terminated the takeoff at very last moment as pilots discovered a technical hindrance. The flight rotates degrees before approaching to a cut short in the field inside the Dabolim airport premises.

Deputy Commissioner of police i.e. DCP Sanjay Bhatia of IGI Airport alleged that ‘ We received a PCR call from a plane catching fire mid-air above Najafgarh and when we enquired about the occurrence the airport operation control centre confirmed regarding the emergency landing of a GoAir flight’.

Recitation the sight Mr. Navneet Kumar alleged that ‘ it was quite dark but the aircraft was visible because of fire and we saw the plane for 10 to 15 sec while it was crossing above the house and traveled quite a distance before it turned around headed towards the airport for emergency landing’.

As per the top sources at the airport, the pilot was sentient that a technical fault had arisen in the left wing of the engine but did not be familiar with that it had caught fire. It was the local police that clued-up Central Industrial Security Force i.e. CISF officials and ATC conceded the message to the pilot. Subsequent to sensing the technical error and fire in an engine the pilot of Airbus required permission for emergency landing and clearance of runway at IGI airport on precedence.

The senior officer at IGI airport said that ‘Following instructions regarding the emergency landing we placed fire engines and ambulance on standby to deal with any eventualities. Airbus A320 has two engines on both sides. The pilot completed full emergency landing safely and all 193 passengers and crew members are safe and sound’. The official also pointed out that if the plane had continued to be in the air for some time then it could have led to a major catastrophe. He said that the combined labors of an attentive bystander, Delhi Police, ATC, CISF and the two pilots of plane assisted soothe the predicament.

In view of the fact that the issue was quite perceptive, the passengers were relinquished all the way through two usual gates and two emergency entrances. They were put on another Bengaluru-bound GoAir flight after an hour. The airline alleged in a statement that,’ G8-557 Delhi- Bengaluru flight had an emergency landing at Delhi airport at 1953 hours i.e. at 7.53 pm because of technical reasons’.

When contacted the spokesperson for GoAir informed Mail Today that civil aviation regulator DGCA is considering the issue. ‘As per the process, the crew of SG 136 had informed the ATC of a technical problem and the aircraft made an uneventful landing at Delhi airport. All passengers and crew are harmless. The ATC was kept in the circle by the crew all throughout’.


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