One Exam For Engineering And Architecture: HRD


HRD ministry i.e. Human Resource Development today permitted a single National entrance exam for all undergraduate engineering and architecture courses from 2018. The sole national entrance exam will initiate from 2018 to settle on admissions to over 3000 public and private engineering colleges. From the academic year 2018-19 onwards there will be single engineering entrance exams on the lines of NEET examination for entry to engineering colleges. The Human Resource Ministry currently inquired the All India Council for Technical Education i.e. AICTE to give the explanation and reveal the appropriate conventions for holding such an exercise. The HRD ministry informed the AICTE that the suggestion is in line with the government policy and it could integrate apt regulations to facilitate the holding of such test, as per the sources.

It is learned that the in demand IITs for which a nationwide competitive exam is held may also be brought in beneath the realm of the new test. The AICTE supervises the facets related to technical education in the country and had argued at the latest meeting a scheme for having a solitary entrance test for engineering colleges for undergraduate courses. The ministry has taken this judgment to fetch in superior intelligibility and to preserve towering standards, also endeavor to make certain that students are saved the encumber of captivating too many tests.

A government official said that ‘The aim is to make the process more transparent, standardized and free of corruption and commercialization’. India has more than 3300 approved engineering colleges affiliated to universities with an annual permitted intake of above 1.6 million students, but only to some extent, sources the seats are filled.

The ministry is also in errand of looking for beneficial propositions from states and deemed Universities for victorious holdings of such test. It has also been determined that the solitary entrance test would be demeanor numerous times every year and will be planned in such a technique that the linguistic assortment of the country is taken into deliberation, as per the sources. There subsists a common NEET examination for entrance to medical colleges but there are dissimilar exams for access to engineering colleges.

CBSE i.e. Central Board of Secondary Education carry out the JEE Main for centre funded institutions and more than 1.3 million students engrave this tests every year sources

The said that ‘ numerous private colleges have their individual entrance exams , but ‘ some of them which are self financed charge high fees or sell seats in the name of management or NRI quota at a premium’. Only handful of students crack the tough examination lay down for top colleges like IITs, leave-taking thousands of hopeful engineers to hasten for private institutions and numerous of which are dishonorable coaching shops. These colleges have become a magnet for mostly middle class families in a country where an engineering degree is considered a ticket to a lifetime of fat pay cheques or jobs abroad.

This suggestion of a solitary nationwide test is viewed as an effort to rationalize the dysfunctional education system. As per the sources AICTE is scheduling to demeanor a web based counseling sessions for admissions to engineering colleges based on students al India ranking attained in entrance test.

The HRD ministry alleged that ‘AICTE is advised to ensure that the testing process is standardized keeping in view the linguistic diversity of the country and the test shall also be conducted multiple times every year’.

Beneath the current system, the IITs carry out the entrance exams to these institutes themselves. The HRD ministry’s verdict to demeanor a common entrance examination for engineering colleges comes at a moment when the government has by now affirmed setting up of a National Testing Agency which would be a dedicated body for the demeanor of numerous tests. Officials on the other hand alleged it would be precipitate to pronounce the single entrance exam for engineering examination would be commended to the National Testing Agency.


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