Modi Is Storing Congress Trash: Rahul Gandhi In Haridwar


The cold war between PM Narendra Modi and Congress Vice-President is not hidden to anybody. And this time Rahul Gandhi has said that “Modi is Storing Congress Trash”. On one hand where the UP elections are at its peak there only on the other hand, Rahul Gandhi on his road show in Haridwar. During his road show the Vice-President of Congress hit out at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying “Modi has stored all corrupt Congress politicians, who were thrown out of the party”.

Rqahul Gandhi gave this statement just a minute after PM Narendra Modi accused Congress for looting Uttarakhand and just after that the Congress Vice-President returned his favour during his road show today.According to Rahul Gandhi’s statement, “Uttarakhand’s corrupt former Congress leaders now hug Prime Minister Narendra Modi in BJP rallies.”

The Congress Vice-President said “Humne kachra bahar fenka. Modiji ne utha ke apni party meain rakh liya” which means “We threw the trash out of our party and Modi is storing them in his party”. With this statement Rahul Gandhi wanted to refer Vijay Bahugun, Yashpal Arya and some other former Congress leaders, who left Congress and Joined BJP ahead of Assembly elections.

Rahul Gandhi started his 75-km road show in Haridwar with a huge number of bikers, motorists and drummers. During this road show Rahul Gandhi said that, “I asked Chief Minister Harish Rawat to put pressure on corrupt people and take strict actions against them.”


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