BSF Jawan Missing Has 500 Pakistan Facebook Friends


BSF jawan Tej Bahadur Yadav, who raised allegations about the bad food quality which is being served to security personnel is reported missing from several days and now he came under the scanner of intelligence agencies for having several friends on Facebook and they belongs to Pakistan and many of them from different countries including Bangladesh and from many other countries.

Source from Home Ministry said today that about 17 percent of total 6000 facebook friends in Yadav’s account belongs to Pakistan, raising alarm in the security establishment of the country.  Facebook is a online platform that allow a person to add friends from all across the world in one account and through this platform one can connect with globally.

A lots of people who were in his friends list raised the voice on this issue of bad quality of food which created a huge uproar in public and in government. After this video went viral more than 1.2 lakh people start following his Facebook account and start sharing his video.
A scrutiny of BSF jawan Yadav’s Facebook where he first posted the video clip about the bad quality of food served to them on duty, has showed today that many of his friends are the residents of Pakistan. Yadav posted this video on Facebook on 9 January 2017 on his Facebook account showing a meal box with a watery soup  like dal about which he said this dal had only turmeric and salt and a half burnt chapatti. He also complained about lack of Tadka in dal.

Home Ministry senior officials said ,” we also found 39 fake facebook accounts with his name are circulating now and keeping the whole conversion alive.”  Senior BSF official also gave statement that Tej Bahadur Yadav has more than 3,000 Facebook friends and 500 among of them are from Pakistan. As his Facebook account is scanned, his conversation with all such contacts are being scanned and found his account with his name over social media platform and their authenticity is being ascertained.

Meanwhile he was allowed to meet and stay with his wife for two days at the base camp from where he posted that video. Delhi High court asked the central government to allow him to meet with his wife. This order came when Additional solicitor General (ASG) Sanjay jain informed high court that Tej Bahadur Yadav is not under any illegal confinement.

Bench directed  Additional solicitor General,  who was representing the centre and BSF, to make all possible arrangements so that his wife should not have to face any difficulties when she visit the place to meet her husband. The court direction came when his wife sharmila devi moved the way of court, alleging that her husband is untraceable from several days and family has not been able to contact him from few days.

Advocate Manish Tewari said in Feb 7 his wife was unable to talk with him and even the BSF Chief did not make any reply in this regards when the representation sent by his family.
BSF officials  aggressively replied his wife after his allegation of her missing husband that Tej Bahadur is not under any custody or arrest  he was in SAMBHA battalion in Jammu and Kashmir. They said Tej Bahadur was in regular touch with his family. He last spoke to his son, Mother and wife on Thursday on 6:40 PM and has been talking to his family regularly.

All these allegations from his family is just a bundle of lie. Senior government officials from North bloco said ,” His act has damaged the reputation of BSF with not an iota of truth in it.”
Yadav was deployed at high altitude base on line of control between India Pakistan border in Jammu and Kashmir when he put selfie video alleging about the ration for jawan was being later diverted to open market by jawan senior officials are getting sub standard food.

BSF director general K k Sharma said that our jawans work in every harsh situation for our country and their welfare is our utmost concern, either of the quality of food, their physical, mental, financial security or the education of their children.

As Tej Bahadur  video become viral on social media had forced ministry of home affairs and PMO to seek report from BSF . Whether they denied all the allegation regarding the quality of food but on government order BSF set a enquiry panel on the direction of union Home minister Rajnath Singh. This enquiry looked into the availability of ingredients like ginger, garlic, onions, cumin at base camps. After that other central paramilitary forces have also conducted an audit of their food supply that has been provided to soldiers.


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