SP And Congree Trying To Deceive People In Uttrakhand: Modi


Emphasizing that the Bharatiya Janata Party ruled Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh have only developed in the newly made states, on Sunday PM Narendra Modi  accused the Samajwadi Party and Congress of destructing Uttarakhand and playing with the hopes of the population. “Why did Congress oppose formation of Uttarakhand as a state? Those who are not able to think well of the population here, how can they govern?” PM Modi said this during his speech in an election rally here. Targeting the Congress with his words, the Indian Prime Minister said the former insulted the soldiers by raising question on the surgical strikes and asking for proof of the operation that was conducted last year across the LoC.

Shifting his attention on One Rank One Pension PM Modi said the Congress Party cheated the soldiers as the soldiers do not have any knowledge of the scheme.“The Congress made a joke out of One Rank One Pension. It was applied once we assumed,” he said.Ranging his support to the common people, PM Modi assured that he would not let those people have a sigh of relief who looted the commoners.

Repeating the wonders a commoner can do, the PM said by the support of 1.25 crore people he (PM Narendra Modi),who was once only a tea seller can fight back powerful people.

PM Modi said, “From last 70-years these powerful people robbed the country, and they think what can a chai wala do? It is true that they are powerful people but I have blessings of 125 crore Indians and hence this chai-wala is able to fight these powerful people”.


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