Congress Leader Short Dead In Maharashtra


Congress leader Manoj Mhatre was shot dead and stabbed multiple times on Tuesday night by a couple of unidentified person  in Bhiwandi city of Maharashtra. This incident happened near his residence at 9:42 PM last night. Manoj Mhatre was attacked with sharp weapons (koyta) by the gunmen and then fired at from point blank range. He was succumbed to multiple bullet injuries. After the attack the assailants fled in a four wheeler car which is without number plate, said the police.

Police said this was a planned murder because the assailants were waiting for Mhatre outside his residence. When Mhatre come outside his house and as he reached in parking area two assailants were waiting there and stabbed him mercilessly. A person shoots him in the back All this incident get captured in CCTV. The face of gunmen is not visible because their faces were covered. After this incident the killers runaway and the nearby peoples informed police.

He was the leader of Congress party in the Bhiwandi Nizampur Municipal Corporation in the power loom town. DCP of Bhiwandi Zone II, Manoj Patil said, Mhatre was the resident of Kalwa of Bhiwandi taluka and due some to personal enmity he shifted to Oswal Wadi in the town.

After attack he immediately was rushed to Jupiter Hospital at Thane but when he reached their doctor declared him brought dead.

Police said, the motive behind this killing attempt is still not known but this was not the first attempt done by assailants to kill him. Earlier there was an attempt made on his life.

Police of Bhiwandi said the senior police officer rushed at the spot and said a special manhunt has been launched to catch the killers. The incident comes days before the upcoming civic body polls in the state.


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