Kaabil Vs Raees: 3 Weeks Collection! Who Lead Finally?


In recent past two movies of two heart-throbs came into cinemas and both with different stories. Where King Khan came up with a story of smuggler “RAEES”, Hrithik Roshan came up with the story of a blind couple “KAABIL”. Expectations were high for both the movies and the performance was up to the mark of course. In this head-to-head clash between two big movies people have predicted that “RAEES” will get better reviews than “KAABIL”. But when the movies appeared in the cinemas the reviews were quite interesting as both the movies managed to win the hearts of viewers. Raees was launched in almost 2,700 screens and kaabil was launched in 2,200 screens but as Shah Rukh is a celebrated actor in India and Internationally so, that worked well with Raees in earning hefty sum of money internationally.

Last year many movies came and went back with new stories somewhere there was lack in the story, somewhere the cinematography was not good and some where the acting was not up to the mark. But these two movies have shown everything in them and that put the reviewers in confusion that which one is better? The number of screen was divided between Raess and Kaabil on 60-40 basis respectively. In Raees the acting of Shah Rukh and Nawaz are been praised whereas Mahira Khan failed somewhere in it and in Kaabil both the actor fabulously played the role of two blind individuals. During the release it was a big question that will this Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starer be able to make it big at the Box Office?

In terms of story-line, cinematography and acting both the movies were going almost parallel but, when it’s about collection, Can anyone managed to beat Shahrukh? Both the movies have got different storyline and those can’t be compared on any ground. Mr.Amitabh Bachchan watched both the movies and tweeted “Congratulations Shahrukh… RAEES… loved your anger in it!!” for Raees and “KAABIL’ most convincing film… endearing, superior performances, and dexterously handled by Sanjay Gupta, director! Congrats!!” for Kaabil. When the Legend of Indian Cinema has praised both the movies what else they want from it?

Coming down to the reviews the movies have got 3.5 stars overall whereas Kaabil has got 2.5 stars. It clear that from the income front Raees is leading by earning 100 crores in 6 days but Kaabil is not so far behind as it has earned almost 74 crores in 6 days. Entering the cinemas in the first month of the year both the movies have done tremendously good job. Although, it was a head-to-head competition but Indian audience knows to appreciate hard work and they did it for both these films.

Till 14 february summing up the collection of 21 days Raees have earned 165 crores till now and Kaabil has also registered its name in the 100 crore club by earning little more than 134 crores in these 21 days. Overall collection day wise is given below.

3 Weeks Raees Kaabil
Day 1 Rs. 20.42 Crore Rs. 10.43 Crore
Day 2 Rs. 26.30 Crore Rs. 18.67 Crore
Day 3 Rs. 13.11 Crore Rs. 9.77 Crore
Day 4 Rs. 15.61 Crore Rs. 13.54 Crore
Day 5 Rs. 17.80 Crore Rs. 15.05 Crore
Day 6 Rs. 8.25 Crore Rs. 6.04 Crore
Day 7 Rs. 7.52 Crore Rs. 6.10 Crore
Day 8 Rs. 7.1 Crore Rs. 5.70 Crore
Day 9 Rs. 6.25 Crore Rs. 5.25 Crore
Day 10 Rs. 6.60 Crore Rs. 6.40 Crore
Day 11 Rs. 8.50 Crore Rs. 9.22 Crore
Day 12 Rs. 10 Crore Rs. 11.88 Crore
Day 13 Rs. 6.50 Crore Rs. 2.97 Crore
Day 14 Rs. 4.10 Crore Rs. 3.05 Crore
Day 15 Rs. 1.50 Crore Rs. 2.79 Crore
Day 16 Rs. 1.40 Crore Rs. 2.31 Crore
Day 17 Rs. 1.05 Crore Rs. 1.11 Crore
Day 18 Rs. 1.30 Crore Rs. 1.38 Crore
Day 19 Rs. 1.21 Crore Rs. 1.45 Crore
Day 20 Rs. 66 Lakh Rs. 80 Lakh
Day 21 Rs. 50 Lakh Rs. 95 Lakh
Total Rs. 165.58 Crore Rs. 134.82 Crore

Day wise Collection Source


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