Public Distribution Vehicle In Telangana Will Be Tracked Through GPS


Yesterday, Telangana Civil Supplies department went live with its state of art command control center that assists officials supervise the progress of vehicles hauling significant commodities made accessible to populace via the public distribution system. The structure will also follow kerosene oil tankers all the way through the state.

The system follows the transportation vehicles en suite with GPS devices in actual time whose locations are anticipated on a huge screen as they budge from godowns to flaxen price shops. This system also stores information of all vehicles for thirty days and this novel facility also has a split video screen on which video recording from 64 CCTVs position up in the eight godowns of Hyderabad region on a tentative basis can be supervised.

This system was installed yesterday by finance and civil supplies minister Eatela Rajender and as per the wordings of civil supplies commissioner CV Anand, this will be unadulterated in phases to rest of the state. The position of every civil supplies vehicle persuading in the city limits is projected on a 17.5 feet * 6 feet video wall put up in the Civil supplies Bhavan.

The Command and Control Centre will allow the civil supplies department to monitor the movement of 1383 vehicles that are ‘Geofenced’ a procedure by which if a vehicle diverges from its original route plan; an alert is hoisted automatically via SMS sent to district officers and to those in the Command Control Centre.

After a huge outcry the government seems to have been woken up finally to keep a tab on diversion of important commodities meant for PDS i.e. public distribution System to open market and this is the main reason why they have decided to install the global positioning System i.e. GPS in all vehicles. This decision has been implemented in the wake of numerous irregularities in the second stage transportation by FPS dealers. It was found prior that the distribution of PDS rice of unused and bogus cardholders is rampant in the state.

On the other hand, some card holders sell their quota of rice at superior middlemen or to dealers for sale and these dealers release these socks after polishing this rice. In the primary stage, the commodities are sent from Civil supplies godowns to MLS i.e. Mandal Level Stack points and in the secondary stage the commodities are sent to dealers and it is observed that illegal diversions took place at the time of secondary stage.

Depending on the quality of rice, the rice dealers sell the rice for approximately Rs 20 to Rs 25 per kg. overall there are 90.55 lakh below poverty line ration cards in Telangana and out of which 5.73 lakh are in AFSC list, 84.77 lakh are in FSC list and 4676 are in Antyodaya Anna Yojna i.e. AAY. The amount of rice needed is 1.82 lakh Metric tonnes every month.  In Warangal region, there are seventeen MLS points and 2114 appropriate price shops. The region requires 9.86 lakh below poverty line ration.

After observing all these situations  prior month the Warangal district supplies officer PB Sandhya Rani alleged that’ efforts are on to install GPS gadgets to the vehicles that transport food grains from stock points to dealers and system is likely to come into force as early as possible’.

Subsequent to observations by the authorities it was decided that the control room based at district headquarters would constantly track vehicles to ensure proper and timely supplies to the FPSs and any deviation I the movement of vehicles bypassing the prescribed route will be noted by control room itself.


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