Import Of 2000 Fake Bank Notes Is inexorable: Neighbouring Countries


Rs. 2000 fake notes are in-flowing India all the way through Bangladesh, three months subsequent to the recently issued banknote was commenced as an outcome of Narendra Modi government’s demonetization drive to brawl sleaze, counterfeiting, and terrorist funding. But numerous exclusions of fake 2000 Rs notes over the past three weeks have destabilized the shock recall of 500 and 1000 Rs notes last November, swapping out 86 percent of the money in circulation in a cash-obsessed economy.

The demonetization work out has been called a defining moment for a country lumbered with counterfeiters pushing millions of fake notes into the Indian economy from neighboring Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Terrorists and governments antagonistic to India employ the spurious cash to deteriorate the cutback. The up-to-the-minute endeavor to resurrect the ferocious cycle subsequent to the notes ban has set off alarm bells in the refuge establishment.

Security forces thwarted an endeavor to smuggle a consignment crosswise the fence on India-Bangladesh border on the hours of darkness of 14th February. This was the most modern and leading in a series of attempts over a short span of time. BSF i.e. Border Security Force patrol detained a bundle of 100 fake notes that was thrown across the fence for scoundrel waiting on the Indian side and the criminals escaped leaving the mint at the back.

Arun Chaudhary, previous Intelligence Bureau special director and former chief of Sashastra Seema Bal that safeguards the Indo-Nepal border alleged that’ our enemies across the border will not stop bothering us. They will go on with to poison our economy, pushing fake notes is the most excellent technique to do it. It was a matter of time that they copied the new notes’. The Bangladesh border is the preferred way as it is porous’.

As per the intelligence sources of the 17, protection features on the Rs 2000 note printed by the Reserve bank of India 10 were found on the seized notes. Further niceties would be known once they acquire the forensic report in a couple of weeks. Groundwork inquiries by the BSF exposed that counterfeiters have administered to copy six front features comprising the see-through register where the numeral 2000 can be observed when held against the light, the Devanagari inscription picture of Mahatma Gandhi and the Ashoka pillar emblem.

They have copied the four back features comprising the year of manufacturing i.e. 2016, the rate written in sixteen languages, the Swachh Bharat logo and the image of Magalyaan. The BSF deputy inspector general of the South Bengal frontier alleged that ‘the counterfeit notes appear to of a better quality’. The opposition Congress called the exclusion an exoneration of its dispute that the notes ban would not discontinue faking.

Ajoy Kumar, party spokesman alleged that ‘It has been established currently that Prime Minister Narendra Modi fooled the people of India. The revival of fake notes has exposed India’s economic instability. Terror outfits apart from economic offenders are making silage and thanking the Modi government for this unmatched bonanza’.

On 23rd January the initial taster of fake notes was detained by West Bengal police from a Malda district. On February state police originate two notes in the region and a hoard of forty days afterward from a smuggler in Murshidabad. On 13th February Umar Faruq an additional Malda inhabitant was picked up with three such samples and footed on this information, BSF thwarted Wednesday’s endeavor.

What position these annotations spaced out that these notes appear more like the original than those detained throughout raids in Bengaluru, Haryana, and Gujarat which were fundamentally color copies printed on laser or inkjet printers. According to the National Investigation Agency official, ‘there is a human as well as technical intelligence that samples of fake notes were printed in Pakistan and hard-pressed into India to observe whether they can gain currency without raising suspicion’.


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