Children Hospitalized: Dead Rat In Govt. School Midday Meal


A dead Rat was found in Delhi’s government boy’s senior secondary school’s midday meal and nine students of that school in the city were taken it today subsequent to consuming that meal which had a dead rat in it. This poisoned meal was supplied at government Boys Senior Secondary school in Deoli area and children, students of class one to five started vomiting and fell comatose subsequent to eating the meal, headmistress of Govindpuri Sanduari Primary school Sunita Kumar alleged. The chief cook who had undergone the food previous to serving it to students too started vomiting and fell unconscious. Students have rushed to Madan Mohan Malviya Hospital straight away.

The intact occurrence has traumatized the nation and it was once again brought to light the pitiable quality of food served to underprivileged children as a part of their midday meal all over the country. As per the wordings of a mother of the student hospitalized ‘rat was found in the meal my son had consumed yesterday and such negligence is not acceptable at any cost’. Kiran Walia, congress leader commanded an inquiry into the intact occurrence and alleged that ‘strict supervision must be done on cleanliness and hygiene during food preparation, we structured an inquiry and not a soul should be spared’.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia visited the students at the hospital and alleged in a tweet that ‘a rat has been found in midday meal in a government school and nine students were hurried to the hospital. I have spoken to doctors and the children are fine’. He also added ‘an FIR is also being wedged and from tomorrow our officers will scrutinize cooking of food in the kitchen’.

Police officers were getting in touch with and alleged they are conscious of the matter but no official grievance has been received hitherto. For the time being school, authorities have filed a complaint in this gaze at, police officer alleged. He also added that ‘ today a PCR i.e. Police control room call was received informing that nine children of GBSSS fell ill subsequent to consuming midday meal and at the present, all children are out of danger. School authorities are giving grievance in the regard’.


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