Controversies By AAP Govt In The Last 2 Years


The AAP government squalled to supremacy in 2015 February with a dramatic performance of captivating 67 out of 70 seats. The party came into power audacity of a spotless reflection and guaranteeing to root out sleaze in politics defunct up declining quarry to a lot of controversies after all. In the past two years, the AAP i.e. Aam Aadmi party has constantly made headlines from the dharnas apprehended by CM Arvind Kejriwal to the sex outrage and counterfeit degree cases cursing ministers of the Delhi government. The Aam AAdmi Party government completes two quarrels traversed years in Delhi with several of the key guarantees made, but it remains unconvinced, we gaze at several of the foremost controversies that the party got surrounded in:

CM Arvind Kejriwal in opposition to Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung

The altercation between Arvind Kejriwal and Lt Governor commenced even prior to the AAP government took office in 2015. The two could never perceive eye to eye on any subject, be it conclusions on appointments, police, public order or land. When scuffle got out of hand, even the judiciary had to get implicated to determine the brawl between these two executives but to no benefit, Najeeb Jung as a final point ended up resignation from his place on 22nd December 2016.

Gajendra Singh suicide case

The Aam Aadmi party government visaged ruthless denigration when a farmer from Rajasthan stead fasted suicide by lynching himself from a tree during a rally in Delhi in April 2015. He was dissenting adjacent to the Delhi government’s land bill. CM Kejriwal was condemned for not stopping his speech even subsequent to the death of Gajendra Singh. Delhi Police had also inquired AAP leaders Ashish Khetan, Bhagwant Mann and Kumar Vishwas, asking what safety measures senior leaders had taken when the farmer was hiking the tree.

Counterfeit degree case of Jitendra Singh Tomar

Despite the fact that CM Arvind Kejriwal was pointing fingers at PM Modi over his degree and on another side, the law minister of his government was blamed of faking his LLB degree. The occurrence left Kejriwal red-faced as he has safeguarded Tomar proverbing that the allegations were bogus and unjustifiable. However, Tomar was afterward disqualified from the party and is in front of trial in the phony degree case.

Delhi police vs Arvind Kejriwal

The brawl between Arvind Kejriwal and Delhi police was right from calling the police disparaging terms like ‘thullas’ to referring to them as negotiators of the Central government. this fight started from the Anna Hazare campaigning days, still, throughout AAPs preliminary 49-day government stretch Arvind Kejriwal also held a performance adjacent to the Delhi Police by quiescent on Rajpath, seeking to exploit against them in the case of midnight raids demeanor by the Law Minister Somnath Bharti. Afterward, he wanted power over Delhi Police by asserting that he cannot hold the law and order circumstances in the capital when the police reported to the Central government.

Parliamentary secretaries’ matter

Selection of 21 parliamentary secretaries became a hullabaloo as it was considered as an office of profit. Nevertheless, it was just an additional paradigm of AAP vs. BJP brawl. The AAP government received a chief hinder in this case after president Pranab Mukherjee declined to bestow his acquiesce to the proposal legislation and the Delhi High Court too canceled the appointment.

Sex scandal of Sandeep Kumar

A contentious CD comprising previous Social Welfare and women and child development minister of Delhi Sandeep Kumar appeared in 2016 August. This CD showed Kumar in a supporting position with two women and he was booked for rape after one of the women wedged a grievance adjacent to him. Mr. Kumar was later everlastingly suspended from the party and detained by Delhi police.

AAPs prolific advertisement fritters

The AAP government was blamed of spending approximately Rs 526 crore on radio advertisements more than one financial year. Ajay Maken, a congress leader alleged that there was more than 20 percent trudge in AAPs spending on advertisements as contrasted to the prior year. They were also assaulted by the opposition on the base that self-publicity amounted to corruption. The advertisements sprinted on the tagline ‘Jo Kaha So Kiya’ referring to AAPs pre-poll guarantees and the procedures taken by a government to execute them. Prior month Yogendra Yadav, previous AAP leader leveled fresh allegations against AAP stating that they had spent Rs 30 lakh on advertisements for students loans scheme. However, only three students had received Rs 3.15 lakh till December 2016.

Raid on Principal Secretary’s office

Mr. Arvind Kejriwal had called Mr. Modi a ‘psychopath’ in a no holds barred assault on the centre and Arun Jaitley a ‘liar’ after a raid was mannered in December 2015. On the other hand, the CBI said that the raid was conducted on the Delhi Principal Secretary  Rajendra Kumar’s office and not that of CM. In March 2016 the SC inquired the CBI to return documents taken from Kejriwal’s office. However, the Centre on 15th 2017 discarded Kumar’s application for voluntary departure and asked CBI to put on trial him in a corruption case.


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