Highest Downloading Speed Record By Airtel In Jan


In January Average download speed on Bharti Airtel’s mobile network was at its best and that was 8.42 megabit per second (mbps), this fact came up from the latest data published from the telecom regulator Trai.

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India the monthly average mobile data speed on Airtel network has almost doubled during January from 4.68 mbps to 8.42 mbps.

Recently, the buzz maker in the world of broadband service Reliance Jio network providing the free internet service have reduced its download speed from 18.14 mbps to 8.34 mbps. This change took place in just 2 months December and January.

This was the 3rd time when Artel Network has come up with the highest download speed from September to till now. The telecom regulator Trai collects and calculates mobile data speed from subscribers across the country by using MySpeed application on real time basis.

In a report of Credit Suisse which was published in February said, “Airtel 4G is the best operator for now by offering the best download speeds in general at around 12Mbps”. This speed is maintained in across over 30 cities.

The report said,”Jio, Vodafone and Idea are close to each other (7-8Mbps). We suspect Jio’s speeds are impacted by the high load on the network in the free offer period. Jio carries over 90 per cent of all data traffic in the country currently while we believe their network capacity share is closer to 35 per cent.”

Amongst all the operators Vodafone and Idea network has also increases the download speed in January over the previous month. During this time Vodaphone has increased download speed from 6.7 mbps to 6.8 mbps whereas Idea has increased it from 5 mbps to 6.62 mbps.

But, BSNL has decreased its speed from 3.42 mbps to 3.16 mbps in January. Information regarding rest of the networks were not available in the data.


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