Flyer With Gold Worth Rs 91 Lakhs Arrested In Mumbai


Yesterday, the Mumbai customs detained one air passenger with Indian passport with smuggled gold value Rs 91 lakh. He was hauling the gold obscured in a steel roller. Acknowledged as Shadab Khan, a Delhi resident he arrived from Dubai by Spice Jet flight and was questioned by the AIU officers.

On the root of findings from the examination a steel roller brought by the passenger was slash opened and inspected, the official alleged that ‘it was found to be a void cylinder inside which two gold bars of one kg and one gold bar of one kg but into four pieces were kept and the enduring space of the cylinder was crammed with some high concreteness powder’. Together gold bars of one kg and four cut pieces of gold bars jointly weighing 3 kg is valued at Rs 91, 02,000.

The prior month it was reported that the methods arranged by the smugglers make this abduction unique. As per the officials, smugglers are at the present hiding their consignments in kitchen appliances, gadgets, and portable car washers so that it hoists minimum suspension. Proposals have been thwarted to creep in gold concealed in mixer grinder, microwave, portable car washers, ovens and washing machines following which the AIU officials arrested five fillers and a carrier. As per the sources numerous gangs are involved in using these inventive techniques to smuggle gold into the country.

Subsequent to his convulsion a close observation was kept on passengers carrying in appliances from abroad and it paid off. As per the AIU reports prior month, Faisal Veerumbin Chalil, who had arrived from Abu Dhabi and recovered gold collectively weighing 1.37 kg i.e. 37.35 lakh from a mixer grinder he was shipping. The Same case was with Irfanbhai Parvatsingh Rana as he was caught carrying three pieces of gold weighing just about 2kg and valued at Rs 54.14 lakh. The delivery was ingeniously concealed in a specially made unfilled cylindrical iron duct covered from both ends which twisted the central part of the motor of a portable car washer.

Two pieces gold weighing one kg valued Rs 27.33 lakh was caught from Rashid Manikoth which was concealed in the motor of a mixer grinder and the similar case was observed when 13 gold bars weighing 1.6 kg were recovered from Abdussaleem Mohammed Pallickal subsequent to his influx from Dubai. The gold bars were pegged at Rs 43.98 lakh. Pallickal had hidden them in the space flanked by coils of the transformer of an electric oven.


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