IAF Sergeant Killed His Colleague And Cut The Body Into Pieces


An Indian Air Force Sergeant and his wife have been arrested from Bhisiana air force station in Punjab for allegedly murdering a colleague, chopping his body into pieces and stuffing it into polythene bags.

According to a press reports, police found pieces of the body of Vipin Shukla who is  working  in the Air Force Wives Welfare Association Canteen, stuffed in 16 polythene bags and hidden in different parts of the his quarters. Vipin Shukla who is 27 years old boy is a resident of Gonda in Uttar Pradesh, joined the air force in 2009 and In May 2014 he was posted at the Bhisiana air force station.  He reported went missing on February 8 2017.

Shukla had been missing from many days and his body was recovered in pieces. The accused, Sulesh Kumar, and his wife Anuradha have been arrested under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which relates to murder. However Sulesh’s brother-in-law Shashi Bhushan, who worked in the Merchant Navy, was also the part of this murder. The police said he was present at the time of murder and left the place just two days ago. Police start investigation After shukla’s  wife Kumkum complained to the police, police filed a case of kidnapping and this case was registered against unknown persons at Bathinda Nathana police station on February 15.

On Tuesday, during investigation process, the police detected a foul smell emanating from Sulesh Kumar’s residential quarters and Soon they discovered Shukla’s cut up body body pieces packed in 16 poly bags. Sulesh Kumar  has confessed to his crime and claimed the reason behind his motivation, was Sulesh’s illicit sexual relationship with his wife Anuradha. After investigating the Superintendent of Police at Bathinda comes forward with the reports that Anuradha was pregnant with Vipin’s child and when she asked Vipin to marry her he refused to do so.  And Vipin always was spreading details of their relationship among other employees. Therefore in order to take revenge Anuradha, with her husband and brother hatched a conspiracy to murder Vipin.

Gurmeet Singh added that Anuradha wanted to marry him after leaving her husband Sulesh,
To implement the plan, on the evening of 8 February, Sulesh called Vipin to help him in packing as he was to change his quarters, as soon he came, Sulesh assaulted Shukla with an iron rod and then they attacked him with an axe and killed him and cut the body in small pieces.  After packing Vipin Shukla body in a box, Sulesh took the dead body to his new quarters, where he kept the body in a trunk for many days SP Gurmeet Singh from Bhisiana says on February 19, Sulesh cut the body into small pieces with a meat knife and packed it in 16 polythene bags each weighing 5-7 kg . He put some bags in the refrigerator and others in the wardrobe. He is a plan to dispose off all the body parts.

The SSP said a case of murder and destruction of evidence has been registered against the trio. He said though Anuradha has been arrested along with her husband and brother, her role in the crime is being investigated.


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