If PM Likes UP So Much Then Lets Swap: Akhilesh


On Thursday UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav told in an exclusive interview, “Agr Pradhan mantri ji ko Uttar Pradesh itna achha lag raha hai toh kaho adla badli kar lete hain hum (We can swap seats if the Prime Minister likes Uttar Pradesh so much)”. Yadav spoke to media after a long hard day of assembly election campaign in UP crossed a half way Mark exactly with the fourth phase of voting taking place on Thursday.

He said ,” Now it’s the right time to look ahead , and plan how to make our campaigning better kyunki Delhi walon ko UP ki kursi achi lg rhi h, means those who are in Delhi are eyeing on the Hot seat of Uttar Pradesh.”

He said,” Our prime Minister is doing ‘mann ki baat’ on radio and television, but I want him to come to UP and talk about the work . I expect from him to ask me what I have been done yet, i am totally ready to answer but then he too has to be ready to answer public that what has he done for them. But unfortunately he is not interested in talking about the work.”
Yadav said ,” he is being shying away from mentioning what he has done and that’s the reason why they make reference to kasab .”

He added ,” Prime Minister talking about the police station in UP  probably he is not aware of the Dial 100 system that we launched . No other government can offer more than this system. But he don’t care about all these development factor and only keeps harping on the state police station. “

Referring to Prime Minister’s latest statement Akhilesh Yadav said, “Modi Ji always keep talking about kabristan and shamshan. He is talking about everything other than that of development. “He said, “isiliye to Maine Kha ki agr apka dil nhi lg rha wahan to adla badli kar lete hai”.


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