R Ashwin Breaks Kapil's 37 years Old Record


Ravichandran Ashwin breaks the Kapil Dev’s 37-year-old record of most test wickets in a domestic season. The record of Kapil Dev’s was brought to an end when Ashwin dismissed the wicket of the Mitchell Starc’s early on the Day 2 of the first test between the Australia and India in Pune. The record was held by the Kapil Dev with 63 wickets, which has been now beaten up by the R Ashwin who has now 64 wickets in his record. He has recently become the fastest in the world to reach the 250 Test Wicket mark.

Kapil Dev’s earlier record of most wickets in the home season of 63 wickets in 13 Tests was created back on 1979-80, and Ashwin has grabbed 64 wickets in just 10 Tests. This big achievement will surely help R Ashwin in focusing on his performance and constantly breaking all the records in the matches. The gangly Tamil Nadu Bowler surpassed the record of legendary All-rounder and former Indian captain Kapil Dev, which is a proud moment for all the Indians. The best part is that the record of Kapil Dev is beaten by the Indian bowler only. Ashwin is currently at level with Kumble, who had taken 64 wickets in the 20014-05 season, which Ashwin is going to break very soon.

As per the ICC Rankings, Ashwin is the world’s No.1 Test Bowler and All-rounder. Ashwin already seven man-of-the-series and 24 five-wicket haul in his bag. He has scored more than 1850 runs, which includes four hundred too. There’s no doubt that he is going to break many records in the coming days.

R Ashwin’s fans can hope that his performance with the bowl and as well as with the bat continues like this and he makes many new records.


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