Sheila Dixit Said Rahul Is Still Immature


Sheila Dixit, former Delhi CM tells that she has not stopped campaigning for the Congress in Uttar Pradesh and insists that she has not retired from politics. She also alleged that Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi needs time to grow up. In an interview with Times of India, Sheila Dixit uttered regarding SP-Congress alliance fairing well and praised UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav while slamming BSP chief Mayawati and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

She alleged that ‘the party requires changes in leadership on posts that have been engaged for decades. The whole thing is being kept on clutch waiting for Rahul and this should take place after these elections are over’.

She alleged that ‘there were some preliminary hiccups but all has been sorted out. This is the era of visibility and Akhilesh is way higher than everyone else Mayawati does not have that style so she is there but not too much. BJP does not have a chief for UP. The PM is departing there very recurrently but everyone understands that he will not be CM. We believe Muslims are coming out very sturdily with this alliance and of course, the Yadav’s will be there. Akhilesh and Rahul campaigning jointly has had an optimistic impact ‘.

Ms. Sheila Dixit also elucidated that she has not congested campaigning and has been going where Party solicit her to, but could not go to Banaras and Kanpur as she was ill. Conversing regarding party leadership and auxiliary plans, Dixit alleged that Congress is trying to become accustomed to generational alteration. Sheila Dixit added that ‘the political language has changed fairly a lot. For instance, you would not anticipate the Prime Minister to articulate what he alleged about former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. In this change of approach, link, language, and relationships congress is adjusting itself and please keep in mind Rahul is still not mature, as his age does not permit him to be mature. He is what…in his forties and so please bestows his time’.

She alleged that ‘I think he has come a long way and he is not yet prime minister because that option will come afterward but he is doing things. He is attending meetings and he is one person who is known to converse his mind. I feel excellent that he is natural but if some undergo that it is not so then on develops it on the way’.

On the other hand, she said Rahul should take over this year as the party might transform authorities after these elections. She also admires Priyanka Gandhi for her astuteness and work. She alleged that as far as Priyanka is concerned she is a good listener and she also plays a very vital role in the determining of the Congress-SP alliance in UP and she has ended it very delicately. Whether she will come into electoral politics is a decision that will have to be her and that of the family. Ms. Dixit added that ‘we are all hoping that both Rahul and Priyanka seize up positions in the party’.

Conversing regarding Congress releasing names of a person allegedly in the corporate diaries where her name flashed up with PM Modi for intriguing bribes, Dixit alleged that she does not completely appreciate it. She alleged that ‘it was the brilliant idea to carry out the name of Prime Minister Modi but almost certainly Congress did not fully be grateful for that there were other names too comprising that of your own colleagues.

But if the vice president is still not mature, should he be endorsed to the position of president? Only Congress can answer this question.


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