PM Modi Said Kanpur Train Accident Was Planned Across Border


On Friday while addressing an election meeting in Gonda district of Uttar Pradesh Prime Minister Narendra Modi said The Kanpur train accident in which 150 people were killed was a conspiracy and the perpetrators carried it out sitting across the border.
In this poll rally in Gonda , which is close to India Nepal border Modi referred to the derailment of 14 coaches of Indore Patna express near pukhrayan Kanpur dehat district on 20 November 2016, and also he said the findings showed it was a conspiracy hatched across the border.

In rally he said, “Gonda Nepal se sata hua ha, ye humara seemavarti zilla hai, aur apne dekha hoga abhi Kanpur me rail akasmaat hua, usme kuch log pakde gaye hain, us akasmaat me sainkaron log maare gaye the. Wo achank se nahin, ye ek shadyantra ke tahat hua tha. Aur shadyantra karne wale kahan baithe hue the? Sema ke us paar. ”
This is for the first time our Prime Minister had spoken out about the probable cause of derailment, and said Bihar Police claim that it was an act of sabotage. He also highlights the various arrest and findings on this matter. But to support the sabotage theory the twins, Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS) and the National Investigation Agency (NIA) are yet to come up with evidence. But Railways has not yet confirmed that the accident was caused due to sabotage.

In his letter Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu said to home Minister Suresh Prabhu, last month, “Bihar police dig up a scheme to train some persons in the country to trifle with railway tracks to cause train derailments and their possible involvement in the accident near Kanpur on 22 Nov 2016.” Last month, Bihar police claimed that behind the train accidents near Kanpur there was a Pakistan backed terror plan. Police officials claimed that because they have learnt the truth from one of the three men arrested from Motihari district of Bihar in connection with a foiled terror plot in that district.

A Nepalese national Shamsul Huda who is deported from Dubai last month to Nepal is being arrested in Kathmandu, Nepal on Feb 7. He was alleged to have acted on instructions of Pakistan ISI to recruit local youth and plot terror below the railway tracks and cause train accident in Motihari district. But Huda is still not connected with last year’s train accident. But the three men arrested from Motihari is surely being recruited by huda and this is being assumed as involved in Kanpur train accident.

On The other hand CRS is also looking for the Kanpur accident whether it was due to fault in train coach which cause damage in tracks or cracked tracks opened due to internal fault. However engineers declared that tracks fit. All this investigation is in process. On this topic PM exhorted people to vote for BJP and said,” if cross border foes want to carry out their work then is it necessary to maintain security in Gonda? And if Gonda is not safe our country is not safe” He said,” Gonda needs to elect only those who are full patriotism and only then we can do anything good for Gonda.”

He said,”There should not be any mistake in this election and 100 percent seats should be won by BJP, be it the SP or the BJP not even a single seat should go to them.
After November train tragedy, 62 passengers were injured on 15 December when 15 coaches of the Sealdah Ajmer Express derailed while crossing over a bridge from a rural district of Kanpur near Rura Railway Station.


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