Sheila Dixit's U-turn From Her Statement About Rahul Gandhi


Recently, the former chief minister of Delhi Sheila Dixit was quoted saying that Rahul Gandhi needs more time as he is ‘still not mature’. On Friday, the former Delhi CM clarified her comments on the Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi. In an interview with the Times of India, Sheila Dixit had said “Rahul is still not mature; his age does not allow him to mature. He is what….in his forties. Please give him time.”

With the comments of Sheila Dixit on the Rahul Gandhi, it surely gave the chance to the opposite parties to make fun of the Rahul Gandhi and the leadership of the Congress. The former CM of Delhi took to twitter to clarify her remarks on the Rahul Gandhi which has become a new political fun for all the opposite parties. “Rahul has the sensitivity and concern of a mature leader. His words are those of a young, courageous and restless man,” Dixit tweeted hours after her statement becomes the national topic.

She posted this statement on her twitter account with the hashtag “Don’t twist my words”. The senior leader and former Chief Minister of Delhi clarified her statement, but the opponent parties seem to use this statement for the UP elections. The Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah quickly lapped the comments and said that “immature Rahul should be kept at home instead of being sent to Uttar Pradesh.”

“If he is not mature, then why has he forced upon Uttar Pradesh? Is this a Political laboratory or learning ground for someone?” Amit Shah said this at a rally in the Uttar Pradesh.  This will be interesting to see that how long these remarks are going to be used in the elections. Even after clearing the remarks on Rahul Gandhi by the former Delhi CM, it looks like that the controversy is going to be used in the U.P elections.


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