15 Months And Manipur Will Be Change Modi Promises


During a rally in Imphal on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized congress government for playing politically in Manipur. Meanwhile, for not taking adequate steps in the past to end the economic blockade Modi blamed Manipur’s Congress government and told the public to think over their opinion of allowing congress to rule over them.

Modi asked the general public of  Imphal, “Isn’t it the state government’s duty to open the blockade and provide necessary goods to the state? How are they running the governent or are they really performing their duty?”  Modi told the audience that no blocmkade will be allowed once the BJP comes to Manipur.

Modi makes a big statement further, “If BJP is voted to power, our party will bring development to the state in 15 months, which the Congress could not achieve in 15 years.”

Manipur is facing an economic blockade, by the United Naga Council (UNC) since November to protest against the creation of Sadar Hills and Jiribam districts. Addressing a rally at the poll-bound state’s  Langjing  Achouba ground, the PM dismissed the allegations that the August 2015 agreement between Centre and NSCN (IM) might affect Manipur’s territorial integrity.

The Prime Minister accused the state’s Congress government for misguiding the people of Manipur to win the elections Modi raised the issue of not providing jobs by merit to the public and criticized the ruling government of  Manipur.

He said jobs were categorised on the basis of ‘rates’ of bribes required to be paid to get a post. “Every job in the state is decided to be allotted on the basis of  bribe. “Those who have looted the country, I assure you they won’t go unpunished,” he said aiming congress government.

PM Modi further added, “ The Congress is trying to divide Manipur by harming ways of awareness in the state to win upcoming elections.”

Chief Minister Okram Ibobi gave a quick response. He said PM Modi’s comments on the issue of Manipur’s territorial integrity were mere “fake assurance” to the state and assurance won’t help the state.

Prime Minister said, “Wherever Congress is in power there is no development, there is only corruption and there is no hope for any development… Sikkim is such a small state (BJP) but it’s developing at a great speed,” Modi said.

Remembering  Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s model of ‘good governance,’ he said that the former prime minister had made specific policies for the development of North East, but the ruling government(congress) didn’t continue the good work due to lack of political will and understanding.

On the issue of the economic blockade, Modi said that his government is ready to provide any kind of help to the state. He wondered whether the Congress was really thinking over to help the people from the blockade. “Look at the game that Congress is playing, on one hand they are provoking the people and on the other hand they are bribing those who are imposing the blockade,” Modi said.



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