Indian Doctor Rescued From ISIS After 2 Years


An Indian doctor, DR. Ramana Murthy Kosanam has been rescued from the Islamic State captive after 17 months. He thanked the present Indian Government and the National Security Agency of India to help in his critical time.

Dr. kosanam said, “I would never forget the help done by the Indian authorities to get me free from the Islamic terrorist group”.

He narrated  his most dreadful experience how the ISIS militants forced all the prisoners, including him, to watch their attacks against the people in many countries which includes Iraq, Syria, Nigeria He said that we were forced by the ISIS people  to watch videos of them, how they  victimised the common people in  Iraq, Syria, Nigeria and other places. It was really so scary to watch them as those videos showed a lot of violence.

“They (ISIS) used to force me mentally to get into operation theaters, but I refused. I never did any surgery or stitches for them”, Dr. Kosanam said.

He said “These people(ISIS) are well-educated youngsters. Members of ISIS have a great survey of India’s development. They have information regarding education, health, and other departments and everything else. They have a keen interest in India. After spending a lot of time there I just understood that they wanted to spread the ideology of their nation across the world, including India.”

Dr. kosanam said, “Efforts were also made by the ISIS men to make all the people follow Islam and wanted to convert  us to Islam but we were not extensively forced. “People from various religions were made to offer Muslim prayers five times a day and they were very particular and serious about people following their religious practices. I was also made to follow the same even after knowing the fact that I am a Hindu.”

Though he was not physically tortured, Dr Kosanam was verbally abused. He was forced to perform surgeries in hospitals inside ISIS strongholds. After he refused, mentioning his health issues, Kosanam was put to jail. In his statement, he said, In a camp in Libya they requested me to come and work in there hospitals. But as I was 61, and I had several health issues, I told them that I was not perfectly trained, consequently I had to face many attacks by them. I saw all kinds of attacks there mentally as well as physically.

He put the fact on limelight how the ISIS terrorists used those young  teenagers as ten years to carry out their bomb attacks. The working members of ISIS are mostly youngsters,. There were members beyond the age of 65 too. He also added that all the members of the outfit were effectively designed portraying their aim towards their organization.”


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