Class 10th Student Found Dead Outside School In Bengaluru


In Bengaluru, yesterday afternoon, a fifteen-year-old boy was stabbed to death exterior of his school campus in Yelahanka, North Bengaluru. A traffic policeman found Harsha Raj lying on the ground with a chest injury in close proximity to the railway bridge about 200 meters from Yelahanka police station just about 3 pm. The boy was rushed to a government hospital where he yielded to injuries. Police deduce the boy was killed as he was affable with a girl studying in a neighboring college. They alleged that they are inquiring Harsha’s classmates and a number of boys from a few schools in the vicinity.

As per the wordings of police sources, ‘ Harsha had been warned by a number of boys adjacent to being friends with a girl and they said there was a fight earlier in the day regarding the issue. A class 10th student of government High school, Yelanka, Harsha is survived by father Narayanaswamy a milk vendor, mother Annapurna and a sister pursuing II PU. Police quoting witnesses alleged that 10 12 boys were seen combating with each other on a road following the railway track around 2.30 pm. The railway track is just at the back of the government school. According to locals, schoolboys were fighting each other in the area and near the railway track is not exceptional.

Pankajamma, who resides on the road where the fight broke out told times of India that ‘the fight suddenly came to a halt and we saw one boy lying on the road clutching his chest. As other boys ran away a passed by yelled the boy has been stabbed’. A resident also alleges that ‘someone alerted a traffic policeman manning vehicles in close proximity to the junction. With other’s help, the cop shifted the injured boy to a government hospital on the next road’. As per the wordings of government hospital staff, Harsha died within 20 minutes.

He was wounded on the left side of the chest. Police alleged that a knife or an alike sharp object had been used and later on the body was budged to Ambedkar hospital for autopsy. As per the wordings of the investigation officer ‘preliminary investigations revealed a few boys from two more schools comprising a government school had come near the high school where School day was under way. Harsha Raj who had received the best player prize walked out to congregate his friends and that was when the fight broke out’.

A sixteen-year-old boy is suspected have been wounded in the left ear throughout the clash. The boy went to a hospital and got treated, police alleged adding that they have traced the boy and will query him soon. Vivekananda, the vice principal of government high school Yelahanka told times of India that they will formulate all cooperation to police.  He also added that ‘today we had a School day and the incident took place outside the school property and we came to be acquainted with regarding the incident when police called us. We do not know why Harsha Raj went out’.

‘It is surprising to witness minors fighting each other with weapons’, Labhuram, DCP in charge of northeast division alleged.


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