Management To Be Blamed For 1st Test Match Loss In Pune


PUNE: First test result had left the Indian cricket fans really shocked as Virat Kohli’s overconfident team rushed over the match. Australian team saw a victory by 333 runs under the captain-ship of young and industrious Steve Smith. The confidence of Indian cricket team went down when Steve O’Keefe and Nathan Lyon ran over all the ten wickets in the 2nd innings.

Many questions have been raised in the performance of the Indian cricket team because of the embarrassing scores of 105 and 107 in both the innings. Just a couple of months ago, our news was overfilled by the appreciation of Indian cricket team in Test cricket in the final test against England and now India has to face such a failure.

Now coming to the fault of management, MCA officials told that one of the senior members of the Indian team management was responsible for the poor condition of the pitch. It has been said that the grass of the pitch is getting dry and for those who are answerable are not working on the matter. As MCA refused to prepare a rank turner, a senior member of the team management team took the issue to the state association curator Pandurang Salgaonkar. When he also opposed, the matter was placed before the BCCI curators (Daljit Singh and Dhiraj Parsana; senior members of the BCCI pitches committee).

Officials said that the ground staff had been ordered to remove the grass from the pitch.Curator Pandurang Salgaonka said, “I had clearly warned the BCCI against preparing a bald and dry pitch. I don’t want to take names, but I had told them if they continue to water the pitch and don’t stop removing grass from it, then it would damage the pitch. This brought BCCI organization into light.

It is easy to blame others and save oneself, as everyone is blaming others and none of them is ready to admit their mistake and work on this issue. Well the the hero of the Indian cricket team responded over the issue and said, “We just didn’t play good cricket. They exploited it better than us. They put us under pressure throughout and deserved to win this game. There are no excuses.”


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